Northern Vietnam has always been the desire of adventurous people who want to experience and explore the majestic scenery, on winding roads,  and challengable spectacular passes. Encounter  colorful ethnic minorities who have lived in peaceful valleys for hundreds of years.
12 Day Cycling tour in Northern Vietnam, You will be immersed in the fairy scenery, the shimmering colors of mountainous people, 
cycling through the rugged hilly road which brings to you the best experience. Join us and let's conquer one of the most incredible road  in Vietnam!
Cycling tour in North Vietnam carefully and thoughtfully selected in one of the most amazing cycling routes  in the North of Vietnam, promising to bring extremely enjoyable experiences to customers who are looking forward to searching  one a lifetime bicycle tours for themselves.
Setting off on
cycling tours from Hanoi, we gear up our pedals through lush vegetables stunning rice paddy fields  weaving through vast limestone mountain ranges to North west of Vietnam. Challenge incredible passes winding along hillside and slope of mountains into misty valleys.
Immerse yourself  in untouched and secluded  region, breathtaking fairy tale of hill tribes, picturesque scenery and sights.  Challenging the winding roads, high slopes, deep pools, passing through peaceful villages, misty valleys to tranquil town where we will stay overnight in cozy accommodation. Tasting fresh and unique food in local restaurant in each day.
Our trip will continue on descenting road  from
Tram Tau town to Nghia Lo town on scenic route, passing colorfull hill tribes village and picturesque scenery to Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen – National heritage rice terrace beauty. Hunting amazing cloud while cycling on pinnacle of Ta Xua soaring mountain ranges.
We continue cycling further to North West, passing untouched region to historical road – Than Uyen and look forward to cycling up to Sapa.

Snail Adventure Tours is proud of being a reliable and experienced  adventure tour Operator, arranging unique and amazing bicycle holidays for those who are looking once alifetime cycling trip in far north Vietnam.

Day 01 : Hanoi –  Hoa Binh - Lac Village  

Leaving the hustling and bustling city behind, we  take transfer south west to  Luong Son. The gateway to the outstsanding mountainous area of northern Vietnam, upon arrival Luong son, setting off on 12 Day Northern Vietnam bicycle tours on undulating tarmac road winding it way along hillside, rice paddy fields and rustic village lifes. We actually enjoy the glimpse of Real magnificent and stunning view of mountain, valleys, sugarcane farms and rice paddies. We would have a stop enroute for refresment, and lunch at local restaurant.
After lunch, we take short transfer to bottom hill of Thung Khe pass, kicking off our pedals on single track trail and  snaking along hillside and rugged mountain ranges to narrow ravine paths.
You enjoy spectacular scenery dotted with Muong and Thai people villages under canopied and lush vegetable, you are very impressive with  little school boys and girls or buffalor, cowboy say Hello with you on the way back to their home. We take shortbreak for Kodak momment or refreshment before descent to Mai Chau village. Arriving Mai Chau at late afternoon, we cycle to Mai Chau Ecolodge for over night. Taking shower, having dinner in Resort.

Activity: Transferring and Cycling
Accommodations: Homestay , Hotel, Ecolodge or Bungalow
Meals: L/D
Total Cycling Distance: 75 Km

Day 02: Mai Chau – Moc Chau 

After breakfast, we say goode bye Mai Chau, our drive bring us out of the town, upon arrivals of Bai Sang, we start warming up by riding off road along Da river, today is hard day with long climb and potholes road , whereas we are rewarded by spectacular scenic beauty and friend people live in both side, surpringly, we ride on the formal National way No6 uesd to supplying logistic and ammunition for DienBien Phu Campaign. Stop enroute for refeshment and picnic lunch, after lunch, we keep riding to Moc Chau plateau. Moc Chau is one of the most pristine beautiful plateaus in the North mountainous region that brings the amazing attraction for all classes of people even for hard-to-pleasure tourists.Upon arrival Hotel, we do  check in and relax by your own.
Activities: Cycling  from Hotel to Hotel
Accommodations: Emopea Resort
Cycling distance: 75 km

Day 03: Cycling to explore Moc Chau plateau

Located at an altitude of 1340m, Moc Chau is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled plateaus of the Northern mountainous region, bringing a strange attraction to all visitors including the fastidious ones. The road between Mai Chau - Moc Chau is enchanting with picturesque landscapes and diverse ethnic cultures.
Besides, Moc Chau is famous for its ancient plum forest hidden behind dreamy valleys and immense tea fields.
12 Days bicycle tours in Northern Vietnam is surely one of the most fascinating ways to expl
ore the amazing scenery, interact with the mountainous ethnic people, and admire the pristine nature in and around Moc Chau. Our cycling tour will depart from the hotel to the vast green tea farms to colorful flower gardens or tropical fruit gardens, or weave your way through the tiny dirt roads through the forest canopy Ancient plum hidden deep in the vast steppe.
Our exploration  continues down to the Na Ka peach valley, where we turn off the dirt road leading to the impressive peach valley. We cycled on the poetic and peaceful concrete road to immerse in the fairy and hidden beauty of the white peach blossom valley. Upon arrival at the Homestay, relax and stroll around the Hmong village to admire the rustic village life and beautiful scenery.

Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommmodation: Moc Chau Ecolodge
Cycling distance: 56 Km

Day 04: Moc Chau – Phu Yen

After recharging fully energy from Resort, Leaving the misty hilltop town behind, setting off on new cycling day on asphalt road, winding its way along lush green tea farms and mealow to junction, turning on national way 43 connect between Moc Chau and Phu Yen district.We  cycle on gently undulating up to the peak where we immerse breathtaking scenery and Northern  Vietnam’s Natural setting over the misty valleys.Checking our gears before descenting and snaking along hillsides, slope of mountain and canopy forest to rustic villages.We cycle and challenge short pass again before plunging into Da River, Taking public ferry to Phu Yen land. We actually cycle on undulating road along rivershore lead to Gai phu junction.Have picnic lunch enroute, after recharging energy, we hop up on bikes and cycle through vast green rice paddy field to Phu Yen. . Stay over night in Hong Long Hotel
Activity; Cyclingfrom hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Hong Long Hotel
Cycling distance:  98 km

Day 05: Phù Yên – Tà Xùa

Today is actually hard, tough and challenging in cycling day, whilst cycling on new sealed road which connect two poorest district of two provinces Yen Bai & Son La in North West Vietnam. 
During cycling on pinnacle of hill top, you admire white cloud hovering over your head and floating over  sleepy valley, creating magnificent  and panoramic sights.
Setting off this morning we head out of town cycling for the first 12km on relatively flat road through the landscape of terraced rice paddy fields. Passing through minority villages we cycle the next 25km up winding roads into the vast limestone mountain range with its perpendicular walls of rock, climbing 600m towards the mountain road pass to Bac Yen. As we pass through mountain villages sometimes covered by cloud, we will receive a friendly greeting from the local communities. From the pass we can look down at amazing views, including the famous vista of the Hang Dong valley with the  Ta Xua Nature Reserve ,  Have lunch on summit and enjoy picturesque scenery. After  recharging fully energy, we will get back on bike to challenge road lead to camel ledge, lonely tree , Ta xua meadows and  dolphin ledge.
Taking time to take incredible and magnificent panoramic view over  Ta Xua Nature Reserve. After refreshing, we will be back on bikes to cycle back to Ta Xua Ecolodge for stayover night.

Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Ta Xua Hill Ecolodge
Cycling distance:70  km
Distance:    69.8 km
Elevation:    + 2874 / - 1532 m

 Day 06: Ta Xua – Tram Tau

Ta Xua is the highest point of the cloud hunting, is a wonderful spot to watch as dawn starts to break and the night fog dissolves among the green foliage to be replaced by the glowing red sunshine of early morning. 
Today is another an amazing day in our adventure trip while spending more time to explore the scenic beauty and rugged mountain vistas. we start new day from Ecolodge cycling on single track trail  through the dreamy, romantic landscape stretching from one hillside to the next until dusk, when the Ta Xua mountains dons its mysterious and sombre cloak.
It is actually hard, tough and arduous day in cycling trip, whilst cycling on new sealed road which connect between two poorest district of two provinces Yen Bai & Son La in North West Vietnam. 
The cycling route bewtween Ta Xua cross Tram Tau via dinosaur spine mountain ranges  will be brilliant. During cycling on pinnacle of hill top, you admire white cloud hovering over your head and floating over  sleepy valley, creating magnificent  and panoramic sights.

Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Heaven Hill Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 65 km – 81 Km
Distance:    64.2 km
Elevation:    + 1826 / - 2531 m

Day 07: Tram Tau – Nghia Lo

Tram Tau has been  known as a trekking hub for nearby peaks Mountains in remoted region of Yen Bai Province.
Located at an altitude of nearly 1000 meters above sea level, but its peak i
s over 2000 meters covered by clouds all year round, creating an extremely spectacular and interesting landscape that attracts a lot of people who love to explore high mountain peaks to admire and conquer.
Tram Tau  is a brand new destination but creates a fever for young people. Cycling road from Tram Tau - Ban Mu - Nghia Lo is more than 50 km long and contains many beautiful and poetic scenes that can only be found in fairy tales. With terraced fields and rice ripening later than other places, Tram Tau is a place to hold the footsteps of wanderers hiding from the city. Along with the source of natural hot springs and hundreds of super virtual check-in angles, the scene possesses a "wild" beauty with many unique customs and dishes of the Hmong people. This place always hides the miracles, from the scenery to the people, making it difficult for anyone who has set foot to forget.
Cycling on the steep mountain road, winding along the mountainside and misty valleys, interspersed with  idyllic ethnic villages hidden behind the primeval forest create a mesmerizing picture of northern Vietnam.

Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Dragonfly Resort
Cycling distance: 57 km
Distance:    57.5 km
Elevation:    + 2285 / - 2718 m

Day 08;  Nghia Lo –  Tu Le

Today is the terrific day in our brilliant Vietnam bike tour in Far North Vietnam, Make sure that we will recharge fully energy for all active day.  Setting off  new cycle day to challenge 35 km on winding road along hillsides and slope of mountain until meeting Local Market in Gia Hoi junction. Have picnic lunch enroute. 
Following to lunch meal, we get back on bikes to cycle and explore Tu Le misty Valley, plunging intoTown, take relax by swimming and bathing in hot spring stream water with local   people. Have dinner and over night in Resort

Activity; Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Le Charm Tu le Resort
Cycling distance: 47 km
Distance:    46.0 km
Elevation:    + 1221 / - 839 m

 Day 09: Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen 

Today is fantastic day with full of emotions in our trip, start cycling with incredible long climb pass (Khau Pa pass 25 km long), then  through three villages with extraordinary stunning rice terraces which are listed as National Rice Terraces Heritages of Vietnam, and undulating road along river lead to Thanh Uyen.
Start cycling from Hotel after recharging fully energy, we take warming up by  ascending 25 km long Khau Pha – One of fifth longest and challenging pass in the North Vietnam, along the pass , we are rewarded by the outstanding features of the landscape, fresh air in the morning, we reach on summit, coffee,tea, snack are available for you before descending to Mu Cang Chai. 
Mu Cang Chai is located on midway of Northwest Vietnam. It  boasts the stunning scenery  and pristine nature. Especially, Rice terrace paddy known as National heritage site of Vietnam. The terraced fields are cared for many generations of H’mong people began yellowing in the fields.
We stop for lunch in Mu Cang Chai Town, after lunch, we commence around the town, explore market, continue cycling on undulating road, snaking along hillside and rivershore to Kim junction., Turning right and ascenting the last pass on asphalt road to  Than Uyen, Check in and relax for dinner time , stay over night in Than Uyen.

Activity;Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Love Hill Resort
Cycling distance: 89 Km
Distance:    88.7 km
Elevation:    + 2199 / - 2340 m

Day 10: Than Uyen – Sapa 

The most challenging today is the longest pass with 46 km , separated between Lai Chau and Lao Cai province,on the Tram Ton Summit 2200 m compare sea level, we will be captivated by picturesque limestone Mountain  and Indochina Roof Fansipang( 3143m). Before descending to Sapa town for staying.
We start riding from Hotel  through stunning scenic beauty,picturesque limestone mountain of Fansipan, Is home of H’mong, Dao, Day, Tay, Nung.. Dao Pho ethnic tribe living together for hundred years.we aslo admire the verdant rice terraces in bothsite. We reach to Binh Lu T junction stop for lunch. After lunch, we start conquering the Pass, arriving Tram Ton Summit, regoup for photo moment, before riding down to Sapa town.Upon arriving in Sapa, we take relax by doing herbal medicinal massage.  Having dinner at Grill Nature Bar restaurant, stay over night in Sunny Hotel 3 stars

Activities:Cycling from Hotel -hotel
Accommodation:  Sapa Clay House Ecolodge
Cycling distance:99 Km

Day 11: Sapa valley – Nam Cang

Have breakfast in hotel, we start cycling from Hotel descendingly to Muong Hoa Valley to explore all highlight of Sapa Today.   Sapa valley boasts magnificent rice terraces, colourful hill tribe villages and breathtaking scenic beauty. 
You leave the hustle and bustle Sapa touristi
c area  behind, we ride on descending paved road, off the beaten track, single track, and dirt road , cross the suspension bridge to Lao Chai – Ta Van Village,  you will meet and talk with local people on the way we passby. Or visit their home to learn their life and culture.  Crossing again the bridge to  paved road lead to Su Pan and  down to  Den Thang, Thanh kim, Thanh phu , have lunch in local family. After lunch, we continue to ride on single track, dirt road, passing many villages and stream to Nam Cang Riverside Lodge where we will stay overnight with Dao Family. Dinner and stay overnight in Homestay.
Activity: Cycling
Accommodation: Ecohomestay
Cycling distance: 45 Km

Day 12: Nam Cang – Thanh Phu – Ban Ho – Xuan Giao - Hanoi

Wake up early in the morning to participate with local activities or just walk around the village to enjoy pristine nature and peaceful villages. Have breakfast with traditional pancake and banana cake, try herbal tea with the Host . we start our cycling from homestay, passing  villages and villages, rice terrace, streams and  buffalo road lead to  Sin Chai A, Thanh Phu, Xuan Giao.
We continue to ride on undulating route and steep pass at the end of distance to Xuan Giao Section. You will be fascinated by extraordinary scenery, sublime limestone mountain and  peaceful hill tribe villages.  Transferring  from Xuan Giao to Hanoi via New highway.

Activity: Cycling from Village – and Transferring to Hanoi
Accommodation: in Hanoi
Cycling distance: 43 Km

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A/C transfer/ and transportation
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek mountain bikes – 4300  with disc brake and  helmets
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
First aid kit
Fruit and snack for cycling days
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Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking

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