Welcome you to join the 21Day Vietnam Amazing Family Cycling Adventure Tour. This is truly a specially designed, thoroughly researched program to bring wonderful experiences to cyclist who love to join in outdoor activities and learn about Vietnamese culture, history, scenic spots,. 
Vietnam family Cycling Tours is especially suitable for groups of families, friends, relatives, people with different physical abilities or even participating in a cycling tour for the first time. 
During the
cycling tours in Vietnam, we not only focus on the harmonious and scientific combination of enjoying culture, scenic spots, learning about history, cultural and natural heritages, but also move with our own abilities. Use your feet to cycle through romantic village roads or through canals and vast green fields in the land of Vietnam. 

Our Vietnam Bicycle Tours start in the capital Hanoi - a city of peace, dignity and civilization - to reach the World Natural Heritage - Halong Bay. 
After enjoying the charming scenery and learning about the geological and geomorphological values, we  ongoing  our journey on the saddle of a bicycle, exploring and experiencing the quintessential northern cultural region. Admire the architectural masterpieces of ancient pagodas, majestic Catholic church buildings or wander through the villages to learn about the lives of local people. 

Our next unmisserable journey is Tam Coc - Bich Dong - Trang An scenic area, Bai Dinh Pagoda... Cuc Phuong National Forest. Temporarily leaving northern Vietnam, we connect with the Hanoi - Da Nang express train to reach the central heritage road. 

The first destination in the journey to visit and explore 4 natural and cultural heritages of the world recognized by UNESCO: Phong Nha Ke Bang, Hue Imperial City, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary... What could be better than joining a bicycle tour to experience and explore not only the natural landscape but also the depth of culture, beliefs and people here? 

Before wrapping up our 21 Day Vietnam Family Cycling Adventure Tours in Vietnam Heritage Route,, the car will take you to the top of Ba Na Hill to enjoy the festive space, admire the landscape of Da Nang city from an altitude of over 1000 meters, participate entertaining games or enjoying a buffet lunch with a glass of real wine. Catch a late flight from Danang city to Ho Chi Minh city. – The largest, vibrant and dynamic city in the country 
The final stage in the journey to explore the S-shaped strip of Vietnam is the
Mekkong  Delta. Join the 4-day Mekong cycling tour - visitors can not only learn about the water life of local communities on floating markets but also cycle through canal banks, rice fields and  lush orchards

Day 01: Hanoi Arrival

Welcome to Vietnam. Arriving at Noi Bai International Airport, Snail Adventure Tours guide and driver will greet and pick you up to the hotel at the heart of Hanoi capital. Hanoi, the antique and dynamic city of Vietnam, reserves a unique old world charm and several of the most striking colonial architecture of Asia. After the checking-in,
Take relax by your own and do briefing itinerary with our guide for coming days. enjoy a cyclo ride through the bustling streets in the Old Quarter to discover the ancient and modern beauty of Hanoi. After the tour, you will be warmly welcome with a special welcoming dinner in a typical Vietnamese food restaurant. Stay overnight in Hanoi

Activities:Transfer  and Briefing schedule
Accommodation: The Light hotel ****
Meals: D
Cycling distance: No

Day 02: Hanoi – Bike Tours to Ha Long Bay

Warmly greeting to join 21 Day Vietnam Family Bicycle Adventure Tour with Snail Adventure Tours.
Our supported Vehicle takes us to Halong Bay via Hai Duong, on the way you have good chance to explore and admire the vast rice paddies in Northern Vietnam. 
Upon arrival in cycling point, fix your bike and check the gear, learn the safety codes on the road of Vietnam. We kick off our pedal to start Hanoi –
Halong Bay Bicycle tours cycling through countryside, passing many peaceful villages, along the bank of River, meeting school kid on the way with big sound Hello you. Or you can stop in local market to meet friendly people and learn about their daily life, local productions. 
We cycle to Phu Lang Traditional Ceramic Village where you can capture skillful hand made paitings, pottery, vase.. especially, you are captivated by ceramic painting with different motifs and subjects.. Our
Ha Long  cycling tour continue to ride along the bank of the river and turn off to village road to break point. We meet again bus and transfer to Halong Bay. Upon arriving at checking point, we meet our cruise team to check in. 
This exciting five hour cruise will provide us with a fantastic view of the picturesque scenery blending with the sky and some 3, 000 limestone islands rising amazingly from the clear and emerald water. The limestone karst formations are littered with beaches, grottoes and beautiful caves. Along
the way we will anchor for a leisurely swim in a secluded cove and an enjoyable visit to one of the many hidden grottoes beneath towering cliffs. Stay overnight on the Junk Cruise.
Activities: Transfer 1 hours, Cycling and Boat Trip
Accommodation: on cruise
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 45 km

Day 03: Halong Bay – Dong Bien 

Get up early to enjoy outstanding scenery and pristine nature, join in morning Thai Chi on sundesk for 30 minutes. Have hearty  breakfast on boat , we commence visiting mazing Cave for 45 minutes. Enjoy legendary world with full of stalagmite and stalagtide inside. You are also impressive on story related on each image. After exploring cave, we come back to boat for check out and clear the bill whilst our boat set the way come back to port. Our diver will meet you again and pick you up  and transfer through stunning scenery fo Red River Delta to Dong Bien.
After two hour transfer by supported vehicle. We arriving in
Dong Bien Village, we embark on bikes through rural villages, picturesque ranges of limestone mountain dotted with rice paddies. 
14h30: we will cycle  to visit Pham Phao church by bicycle (15km/2 pm) - a work with unique western Gothic architecture, visit the traditional Hai Minh brass trumpet craft village. Learn about the Tile Bridge built in the 16th century with unique architecture, considered one of the five most amazing tile bridges in Vietnam. Explore the daily life of the locals and understand the local customs.
we continue to move to Co Le Pagoda - visit one of the unique temples with a mixture of Catholic and Buddhist architecture, learn about the legend of the Temple and take photos One of the interesting experiences when you arrive in Nam Dinh land is "Rach village water puppet" - or the famous Nam Tran water puppetry ward. You will learn about the history of formation and development of the water puppetry industry here, discover the process of shaping a puppet from chiseling, shaping, to assembling colored paints into puppets. live buffalo, visit the village's Thuy Dinh and learn about the tradition of the craft.
Continue the journey About Ecohost Hai Hau, where you will enjoy local specialties where you will spend time resting and feel the peace of Dong Bien old town.

Activities: Cycing and Transferring
Accommodation:  Ecohost - Village
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 55 km

Day 04: Dong Bien – Tam Diep – Tam Coc

Setting off our cycling day  to Van Ly Beach (15km) to visit and take photos of Hai Ly church- Watch the sunrise, Learn about the climate change of tides leading to the submergence of a fishing village. Today there are only vestiges of the ruined church - it may fall down at any time ... on the way, we visit the field of literary salt. Have breakfast at Ecohost with famous banh cuon – enjoy the taste of the village
we visit the fish sauce factory and visit Ninh Cuong citadel temple - which is considered the original pilgrimage land of Catholicism first introduced into Vietnam in 1533 - listen to the legend of the magic well and the tree of faith, which marks the historical milestones of the development of the good news in Vietnam.
Leaving the ancient village behind, setting off cycling  tours on village road and rice paddy fields crossing some canals and estuaries like cobweb to Phat Diem Cathedral  church. Spending our time to explore gaint religious construction which has been built since early 20 century.
If the time permit, we continue our cycling trip on canals and village road winding among immerse green rice paddy fields to Yen Thanh Lake. Upon finished line. Taking transfer to Hotel.

Activities: cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: La Montagne Resort
Cycling distance:  65 Km

Day 05: Tam Coc – Trang An – Cuc Phuong

Another  wonderful Tam Coc – Cuc phuong Bicycle day tour start cycling from Hotel to  expose all highlight of sightseeing, landscape and natural heritage on Ninh Binh “Halong on Land” before riding to Cuc Phuong National Park. 
Breakfast in Hotel. We commence to Dinh and Le Temple, pay visit and learn about great contribution of two geat men who led Vietnamese people revolted against rebel forces and united country in Nine century. Another king has been known as a great National Hero and clear-minded king, who had reinforced his reign and built his country powerfully.
Our journey continue through rural villages, picturesque ranges of limestone mountain dotted with rice paddies. Take a three-hour boat trip to explore Trang An Natural beauty complex – newly designated Natural World heritage site. Having enroute. After lunch, we keep riding along Hoang Long river bank to Cuc Phuong – National Park. . upon arriving, check in and relax by yourself. Have dinner and stay overnight at Cuc Phuong Resort and spa or guesthouse.

Activities: Cycing and Boat Trip
Accommodation: Cuc Phuong Resort and Spa****
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 78 km

Day 06: Cuc Phuong – Dong Hoi 

After breakfast, our minibus take us into the depth of forest. From the center of the Park, we will cycle along canopied forest trails and through primitive jungle – an exclusive, tourist – free route, all the way to the gate of National park. Stop for refreshment, then we visit the Endangered primate Rescure Center. The day’s cycling continues onto Dong Giao – pineapple plantation where you can enjoy fresh pineapple from local farmers selling on sideroad. We ride out of plantation to Tam diep Township, transfer to Tam Coc for Lunch. After lunch, we ride through   magnificient limestone mountains rise up majestically from the green rice paddies, streams to  Bich Dong Nature Reserve. Upon arrival, we take relax or wander around to encounter different birds in here. Dinner and wait for Night Train departure .
Activities:  Cycling and Boat Trip
Accommodation: on Night Train – Dong Hoi
Cycling distance: 67 Km

Day 07: Dong Hoi -  Phong Nha National Park Bike and Boat

Our train arrive in Dong Hoi station at 7am. Our driver will pick you up and transfer to Hotel for shower and having breakfast. Following breakfast, we commence to ride to Phong Nha Natural Heritage site. On the way, you are impressive on fascinating sightseeing and landscapes of North central Vietnam. Upon arriving in Phong Nha, we take boat trip to explore and experience the magnificent cave, emerald water on Son River. Enjoy peaceful villages in bothside of river. the boat take you into further cave to uncover the beauty of stalagmite and stalactites. The boat come back to the wharf where our bike is already. We continue to ride in Chay Lap Rustic homestay village, passing dozens peacefull village, corn and  ground nut farms. Meeting with hopistable people working in farm, capture incredible boy ride on back of buffalo photo.. Have dinner and stay over night in  Resort
Activities:Cycling and boat trip in Phong Nha Natural heritage Site
Accommodations: Doan Gia Resort
Cycling distance: 69 Km

Day 08: Phong Nha – Back road bike

Have hearty breakfast in hotel, we embark on bike to experience stunning scenery and the glimpse of karstic vistas over Phong Nha Ke Bang Geopark.
we will cycle through the local corn and rice fields, along Son River to explore Na village  and keeping going to Ho Khanh’ s house, the house of a jungle man who found the Son Doong Cave- the World’s largest cave to learn about the caving passion of this Jungle king. If you are lucky, you can get a photo with this World-famous man.
Follow to Phong Nha cycle tour on Ho Chi Minh trails, we pedal to get through a nice peanut field and reach Ho Chi Minh’s original trails, which facilitated the movement of soldiers and war supplies from North Vietnam to battlefields in South Vietnam. Make sure to be healthy enough to conquer this tough trail before crossing another muddy path through the peanut fields along the Chay river to reach HCM HW(West wing).
We will have a lovely lunch at Chay Lap homestay or Nuoc Mooc Spring, where an eco-trail leads you to a pristine water swimming pool in the jungle! If you like you can swim in this crystal spring and immerse your soul in the fairyland of the Phong Nha mountains. 
Last but not least in the Cycling tours in  Ho Chi Minh Trails, We will cycle to cross the Chay river over a wooden bridge to explore the Wine Cave – where the V.C made rice wine during the time hiding bombs from the U.S aircraft.

Activities: Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Doan Gia Resort
Cycling distance: 47 Km

Day 09: Phong Nha –  Vinh Moc Tunnels – Cua Viet

Refueling ergery for new adventure day, we kick off our bike from hotel, cycle on Ho Chi MinhTrail, passing vast of lush rubber plantation and rice paddy fields to  Vinh Moc Tunnels, an incredible complex of tunnels that were dug by local people to evade the constant US bombing of the area. The tunnels are still in very good condition and saved the villagers’ lives. After visiting them, we continue setting our small way through cashewnut plantation,  and village roads to along the coast for lunch. Following lunch meal, we get back on bike to ride along coast, immerse yourself in tranquil embience and rustic village life until you reach to Hotel.

Activities:Transferring and CyclingTo Hotel
Accommodations:  Eo Gio Hotel
Cycling distance: 87 km/ 102 Km

Day 10: Cua Viet – Cua Tung  Tam Giang Lagoon  - Hue

Having breakfast in Hotel or start early to cycle along the coast to Cua Tung for having breakfast.
After recharging fully energy, we kick off our bike on new asphalt road, look south on flatter roads again, passing more towns and villages 
We stop to visit Ai Tu airfield and Quang Tri; the 1972 ‘Battle of 81 Days and Nights’ for the Citadel here is famous for the huge amount of ordnance dropped by the US. We also visit Long Hung Church, a Catholic Church in which American troops sought refuge as part of the battle, to no avail. It has been left as it stood after the battle, with scars from grenades and bullet-holes, and is a poignant place to hold our ceremony. Continuing south, we cycle on concrete roads and paved  roads, links between villages and villages, where we admire some incredible and color ancestor temples along the way. We also cycle through Tam Giang Lagoon and Dam Chuon Dam where panoramic view is worthy capture at dusk.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel -hotel
Accommodations: Romance Hotel****/Moonlight Hotel
Cycling distance:91 Km

Day 11: Hue Imperial & Tombs

Following to breakfast, you will cycle leizurely  to explore Hue city and citadel and royal to Imperial Citadel and & tomb Architecture
Hue is one of the main cultural, religious and educational centers of Vietnam. So far, Hue remains to be the only originally historical vestiged city in Vietnam. Many of Hue’s attractions are found along the banks of the romantically named Perfume River with 11km length. This valuable construction includes more than 100 architectural works, which are the reflection of the life of Emperors and mandarins under Nguyen’s reign.

Activities: cycling and Taking Boat Trip
Accommodations: Romance hotel. / Moonlight Hotel
Cycling distance: 52 Km

Day 12: Hue – Cau ngoi – Lang Co

Following to  hearty breakfast, you will set out directly from the hotel and ride towards some small villages with ornate and fantastic architecture near the Tam Giang Lagoon that you visited yesterday. In the late morning, visit the Vinh Ve Museum, which offers insight into the local traditions and culture. Continue riding through the countryside of greenery and rice fields, then take a short ferry to reach your lunch spot at Tu Hien Beach. Once you have digested, continue pedaling along an easy flat route to reach the support vehicle where you can choose to continue riding on your own or take a ride. Settle into the hotel in Lang Co for a well-earned sleep.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Lang Co Beach Resort
Cycling distance: 87 Km

Day 13: Lang Co –Hai Van Pass – Hoi An

Today is one of incredible and worthywaiting day in our trip while we cycle and challlenge one of the most famous mountain roads in southeast Asia, Hai Van Pass connects Da Nang - Hue, and today you will ride over it! Make sure you get a hearty breakfas. As you start the ascent to the highest point, you will see why this mountain pass is thought to be one of the most beautiful coastal mountain roads in the world. Winding and hugging cliffs on one side, sweeping beach views on the other, you will pass by waterfalls, jungles, and the weather will likely be a little bit misty, which just adds to the area’s magic. At the summit, take a break and sip a well-deserved ca phe as you admire the stunning vistas. From the highest point, We refresh on the summit with cold drink and tropical fruit before descenting 14 km  to Lang Co beach.  Arriving in Resort do check in and have relax on the beach or frontdoor swimming pool.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Blue Sky Boutique Hotel
Cycling distance: 87 Km

Day 14:  Hoi An –My Son

During the morning, cruise around Hoi An then meet at a pier to head on a boat tour with a couple of fun stops. First, you’ll engage with a local carpenter who will show you his handmade wooden furniture. Cycle a little further down the route to a cute house to learn how to make rice paper for those delicious Vietnamese salad rolls you have undoubtedly been eating! Keep riding into the rural landscapes once more and stop for lunch. A cultural afternoon awaits once you’re ready to get on yo ur bike: a visit to My Son Sanctuary, an archaeological site with ruins built between the 4th and 13th centuries. It’s an impressive complex with 70 buildings reminding visitors of the Champa civilization that once lived there. Meander through lush jungle paths connecting each site and soak in the sanctuary’s palpable spiritual magic. At the end of the visit, you can choose to cycle to the hotel taking the same road or hop in the support vehicle to give your legs a break. Enjoy your last night with your group with a few bia hoi (fresh beer) and a feast of Vietnamese cuisine.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Blue Sky Boutique Hotel
Cycling distance: 57 Km

 Day 15: Hoi An – Da Nang – Ba Na Hill – Flight – Ho Chi Minh

As part of Sun World Amusement Park Group and over 20 km away from Danang downtown, Sun World Ba Na Hills is the most significant resort and recreational complex of Vietnam. At the height of 1,487 m from the sea level, Sun World Ba Na Hills is coined the “heaven on earth” owing to its spectacular climate and otherworldly natural landscape. Just travel to Sun World Ba Na Hills and revel yourselves in the typical rotation of four seasons in a single day and numerous festivities, recreations and relaxation and cuisine.
In Ba Na Hills, high above Da Nang in central Vietnam, lies a bridge suspended above the tree-tops by two enormous hands: the Golden Bridge or "Cau Vang"! Take a cable car to marvel at this man-made wonder Golden Bridge stands 1,400 meters above sea level, and is a hot tourist spot as it offers majestic views of the surrounding countryside. 
It combines eight sections and stretches 500 feet long, and is primarily known for its pair of giant, stone hands lifting the bridge from the verdant hills. On this tour, not only will you visit the renowned bridge, but you'll also explore, L'Jardin D'Amour and Tinh Tam Garden, French Stable, a 100-year-old pomelo tree, and old villas with a small group for a richer experience. 
Spend the day exploring Linh Ung Pagoda, Loc Uyen Garden, and Quan Am Pavilion as well, before proceeding to Debay Station and Nui Chua Peak. 
Enjoy a lunch buffet and spend the rest of the afternoon at Fantasy Park, Wax Statue Museum, and Linh Chua Linh Tu temple. Wear a complimentary Vietnamese straw hat for the duration of the tour! This activity is perfect for friends and families, especially first- time visitors to Da Nang.
After being picked up from town, ascend the cable car, then take a climbing train further up to the spectacular Golden Bridge, which shimmers and stretches across a broad valley. After enjoying the views and atmosphere, change things up with a visit to an adventure park. This trip offers cultural performance, thrilling rides, magnificent views, and a buffet lunch, so you can return to your hotel having made the most of your day.

Activites: Transferring and visiting
Taking Transfer Airport at 16h:00 
Meals; B/L/D
Accommodation: The Northern Hotel****

Day 16: Ho Chi Minh – Ben Tre – Tra Vinh

Following to hearty breakfast in Hotel, Setting off new cycling day from Hotel, Leaving hustle and  bustle city behind, our shuttle bus takes you the south west of Sai gon for over hour. Upon arrival cycling point, we check our bikes and learn the code of riding. 
Setting off the first cycling day on sealed road, passing rustic village , dozen cannals and endless rice paddy fields. Stop on the way to chat with local people or visit school, clinic and temple . have luncch in local restaurant. After lunch meal. Our guide will take you ride on narrow route with kids finished from schools. and our guides are also tell you about education system in Mekong Delta's countryside. Stay your first night in town of Tra Vinh.

Activities: Transferring and Cycling
Accommodation: Coco Riverside Ecolodge
Cycling Distance: 55 Km

Day 17: Tra Vinh – Tieu Can - Cau Ke - Can Tho 

Have hearty breakfast in hotel,  Embarking on new cycling day by riding through endless rice paddy fields. You have  chance to experience why Vietnam is the second export rice after Thailand. Then you will ride past traditional villages of Khmer, most of people here still keep their own traditional way of living style. Thacth houses are still popular used and associated within Khmer communities in Vietnam. Stopping at some colourful Khmer Buddhist temples, right here our bike guides will tell you the big difference between two branches of Buddhism. One is Mahayana and other is called Theravada. Continue your bike adventure in the afternoon with exploring tropical fruit orchards and mingle with crowd on bike on islands of pomelo, longan and orange. The cycling of an afternoon give an opportunity to spend more time on ferry through bendy small river to outskirts of Can Tho city. A 30 minutes transfer will to take to hotel for beers and relax.
Activities: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodtions: Van Phat Riverside Hotel
Cycling Distance: 50 Km- 80 Km

Day 18: Can Tho – Sa Dec - Cao Lanh city

Get up early to join in vibrantly morning boat trip to observe the highlight floating Market of Cai Rang. This is bustling and hustling market in Can Tho. Boats from all corner of waterways arriving to exchange their tropical products. This is amazing time to witness and experience the daily life of Mekong delta people.  
Setting off cycling day from Hotel to explore a low-level plain as Dong Thap where house on stilts mostly seen on all the way to Cao Lanh. Have an hour boat to see fish farms which is also the floating villages along Basac River. Experience a cycling through small rural communities of Muslim. Stopping at Monastery and sharing the country road with local scooters to work and kids biking to school. Travel on bike through peaceful, seemingly undiscovered rural villages among houses which built on stilts with local materials. Stay a night in none tourist city of Cao Lanh.

Activities: Boat Trip and Cycling 
Accommodation: Nguyen Minh Hotel/ Sao Mai Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance:  45 – 70 Km

Day 19: Cao Lanh - Chau Doc 

Setting off  your bike ride today with exploring beautiful countryside roads through mango orchards, small villages and local market. Spending your pleasure time to pedal to and stop at Monastery, which was built 120 years ago by the French. This is the first Monastery building site in Indochina, established in 1874. Spending 30 minutes to walk around admire the colonial building style in the area, get back to your bike and continue explore the untouched places all the way to Chau Doc border town.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Victoria Chau Doc/ Chau Pho Hotel.
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 50 - 80 km

Day 20: Chau Doc – Ho Chi Minh 

Chau Doc border town is small but it’s the gateway to Cambodia either water ways or overland. The most interesting thing that travelers shouldn’t be missed is floating villages and Cham village. After your breakfast, we will check out for an hour and half boat ride to explore daily life of people living on floating village. You will be stopped at fish farming, floating house of local and walk around Cham village. Depending on time, your guide will figure out the following Taking a ferry crossing lower river branch and cycling 25 km on dirt track to Nang Gu ferry. Then we have lunch before driving back to HCM.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations:  The Northern Hotel
Cycling distance: 65 Km

Day 21: Ho Chi Minh Onward

Having breakfast in hotel, we will be at leisure by yourself until departure time

Important Notes:

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance (covering emergency medical evacuation) for trips to Vietnam.
Tour cost will be valided during 45 days from date of offer. Past this date price and conditions may be readjusted.
The cost of air tickets is subject to change without prior notice by the airlines.
Reservations during peak times (Christmas, New Year, Vietnamese Lunar New Year, National Holidays) may be subject to supplementary charges.
Rooms at hotels are available only from 14:00 P.m on arrival day till 10:00 A.m on departure date. A supplement will be added if early check-in or late check-out is desired.
Please note that all the above services & tours have yet to be booked, they are proposed for your information only and we will not make any reservations before we receive your confirmation to do so. If one or some proposed service(s) is (are) not available at the moment of booking, we will try to find other possibilities/options or other similar service(s) in order to avoid changes to the program.

Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity 

Tour included in:

English speaking cycling guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Meals details in itineraries ( 20 breakfast, 20 lunches, 20 dinners)
A/C transfer/ and transportation
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek mountain bikes – 4300  with disc brake and  helmets
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Boat trip as mentioned on Itineraries
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
First aid kit
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking
Fruit and snack for cycling days

Tour excluded in:

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyond that supplied
Optional excursions
Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.
Visa fee
Departure  tax
Tip for team and guide
Visa fee in  Vietnam with 25 USD for Single Entry, Laos with 35 USD  and Cambodia with 25 USD per person upon arrival + 02 passport pictures

Creating Unique Touring Experiences:

 All the touring itineraries on this website have been carefully crafted by our in-country management teams and represent a series of experiences we can certainly recommend. However, we understand that every travel experience should be as unique and individual as each traveler. Our consultants are waiting to hear from you so that we can tailor or custom design a Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar tour to your individual specifications.

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent  accommodation
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes.


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