21 Day Ultimate Vietnam Bicycle Tours from North to the South in Ho Chi Minh Trail and Central Coast: Cycling route – Hanoi – Cuc Phuong – Ben Sung – Tan Ly – Huong Khe – Phong Nha – Khe sanh – Aluoi – Hue – Hai Van Pass  - Da Nang – Hoi An – Tra My – Kon Tum – Buon me Thuot – Lak Lake – Da Lat – Bao Loc - Dong Xai - Cu Chi - Ho Chi Minh.

The Ho Chi Minh trail, known within Vietnam as the “Truong Son Strategic Supply Route,” was an elaborate system of mountain and jungle trails linking North Vietnam to its allies in the South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. During the Vietnam War, it served as the primary artery for moving troops, vehicles, and supplies. Comprising more than twelve thousand miles of roads and paths through some of the world’s harshest geography, it was a vital gateway linking a divided nation.
The road network extended from Mu Gia Pass in the north, southward along the heavily forested western slopes of Laos, before entering South Vietnam at the northwestern end of the Plei Trap Valley — the “Valley of Tears” — and points south. It was kept in good condition by 300,000 full-time workers and almost as many part-time farmers, many of whose bodies fill the 72 Vietnamese military cemeteries that testify to the trail’s devastating human toll.
The trail’s history as a line of communication dates back to World War II, when Viet Minh bands trekked the same paths. 
During the war against the United States, the existing footpaths developed into a highly organized infiltration route for men and supplies. Although the North Vietnamese made limited use of waterways and pipelines, this labyrinth of roads and trails remained throughout the war the heart of their logistic system. As military historian John Prados has pointed out, whereas supplies, ammunition, and weapons could be sent South by boat, “only overland was it possible for men and women to head South and join in combat.”

21 Day  Vietnam Bicycle Tours  cycle  through the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail and extend to Vietnam Central Coast is a skillful  and flexible combination of cultural enjoyment and physical activity, enjoying the breathtaking landscape of northern Vietnam with World ‘s Cultural and Natural Heritage sites  which has been recognized and honored by UNESCO.
Joining in our cycling tours from
North to South Vietnam Bicycle Tours in Ho Chi Minh Trail and Vietnam Central Coast, The Travelers will not only able to bicycle on peaceful and rustic village roads through vast green rice fields, villages bustling with children's voices but also immerse yourself in endless emotions.
The next destination in the journey is the connection of the central heritages to create the most unique and attractive heritage road in Vietnam.
Starting from the
World Cultural Heritage site Hue Imperial city to Hoi An Ancient Trade Port and My Son Sanctuary are destinations not to be missed in the journey of cultural discovery and exploration Vietnamese beauty.
Temporarily leaving the lyrical scenes and longstanding cultures behind, we continue the journey on the legendary
Ho Chi Minh trail – westen wing where this is a shining symbol of the will and determination of the Vietnamese generations in the twentieth century. determined to liberate the nation and reunify the country.
Today, we can ride bicycles on those legendary roads, watching the peaceful scenery of the Vietnamese countryside. We are really deeply grateful to the generation who sacrificed their blood to have a peaceful life today.
The next destination in the journey is the connection of the
central highland provines where have been wellknown as capitals of  vast of rubber Forests, cashew nuts farms, Coffee plantations, the diversified cultures of Bana, Ede, Van Kieu ethnic minorities.
Cycling on single track trails and asphalt road winding its way amongst stunning forests or admire magnificent waterfalls pouring down water days and nights, supplying  valuable water for agricultural cultivation.
Leaving central highland provinces behind, we make our way through primitive forests and plunge into coast road where  we will be welcomed by emerald ocean, crystal sand beaches and golden sunshing .

Day 01:  Hanoi Cycling to Cuc Phuong

After recharging energy in hotel, our supported vehicle will take transfer us to out of bustling city. Upon arriving in Cycling point. We embark our bikes to ride  on tarmac road, passing many peaceful villages, local market, temples and pagodas,  vast green rice paddies. Arriving in Duc Khe, Stop for lunch meal and take some awesome pictures of Huong Son scenenic beauty. After lunch meal. We continue riding back road cross the bridge and cycle on paved road , passing rice paddy and countryside village to Van Long Wet land Nature Reserve. Admire magnificent limestone mountains and quaint villages in afternoon. Transfer the rest of distance to Cuc Phuong National Park. Have dinner and stay overnight in Cuc Phuong Resort.
Activities: Transferring and cycling to hotel
Accommodation: Cuc Phuong Resort
Cyclistance: 76 Km

Day 02:  Cuc Phuong Mountain bike Kim Tan – Ben Sung 

Our cycling trip will start from hotel after having hearty breakfast. leaving tranquil settings and scenic beauty  behind. we hop back in the saddle to begin your exploration to cycle and ascent Tam Diep mountain ranges, setting on way to cycle on Ho Chi minh trail for 25 km to highest point.
Today is really long and fascinating day in our trip when we cycle through lush scenery  and rustic village life. you will be draged your feet behind by the scenic beauty of wild and majestic nature.
Our trip continues on Ho Chi Minh trail with undulating terrains from Vinh Loc to Tho Xuan for lunch. After recharging fully energy, we get back on bike to cycle on village roads and rice paddy fields to Ben Sung.
Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Bach Lim Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Distance:    114.1 km
Elevation:    + 785 / - 781 m

Day 03: Ben Sung bike ride Tan Ky 

Today is great day, when we ride on undulating tarmac road via Ben En National park  lead to Thai Hoa. Our cycling route today is relatively easily with a length of 105 km on a flat road through the fields. we will have witnessed the scene of people cultivating wet rice, a traditional culture of Vietnam. Of course, we can stop on way to get beautiful pictures of the countryside and people of Vietnam. After rewarding ourselves, we continues on saddle to cycle on tarmac road lead to Thai Hoa for lunch meal. After Lunch, we continue to new paved road to Tan ky. Tan ky is the starting point of the historical Hochiminh trial in the war time .it used to be the main junction of the supply line during the war. American aircraft heavily bombarded the area in repeated efforts to destroy the junction. Upon arriving Hotel late afternoon. Have dinner and stay overnight in Tan Ky.
Activities: Cycling
Accommodations: KM0 Hotel
Cycling distance: 110 Km
Transfer distance: no
Distance:    103.8 km
Elevation:    + 844 / - 811 m

Day 04: Cycling tours from Tan Ky – Pho Chau – Huong Khe

We start our amazing cycling day from Hotel, cycle along Hieu River to immerse yourself in stunning rice paddy field. Then we turn off on single track link from village to village to witness the changing of local people before reaching the Zezo  Km on Hochiminh trail in Tan Ky.
Tan ky  is junction of the supply line during the war. American aircraft heavily bombarded the area in repeated efforts to destroy the junction.
After learning history about Hochiminh legend road, we hold on our pedal to cycle through the Native of Hochiminh , and Dong Loc T junction where used to main target of American aircraft dropped bombarded . they want to destroyed and cut off supply lines of Viet nam communist force in 1967 –1972. However, you will forget bad memmory the war soon, while cycling through peaceful villages, virdant rice paddies, meet with friendly people. Or chat with school kid on the way to from school

Activities:Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Duc Tai Hotel****
Cycling distance:155 Km

Day 05: Huong Khe  cycle to Phong Nha

Breakfast in hotel, we commence our new cycling day from hotel, cycle on  Ho Chi Minh Highway to Phong Nha. The route is still a dream to ride on and you’ll appreciate the smooth tarmac as the mountains rise and the road winds up, down and along the hillsides. The scenery is spectacular and the road is tranquil.
After cycling around 65 km, our journey to Phong Nha National Park. The park contains one of the most spectacular caves in Vietnam – a true natural wonder with 65 kilometers of tunnels and underground rivers. Formed approximately 250 million years ago Phong Nha was used as a hospital and ammunition depot during the war, and the entrance still shows evidence of attacks from fighter aircraft. There are also community projects underway with Flora and Fauna International and it may be possible to visit village initiatives and learn more about the forests of the national park before the end of today. Overnight in Phong Nha. 

Activities:Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Phong Nha Bungalow/ Doan Gia Resort
Cycling distance: 134 Km

Day 06: Phong Nha cycling tours to Khe sanh. 

Following to breakfast in hotel, we take short transfer back to section, where we start new cycling day in  West of Hochiminh trail lead to Ta Con Air base of US.
Today is really long, hard and tough cycling day in our trip, we well cycle on winding road, snake away along lush jungle and slope of mountain we spend nearly whole morning to cycle and challenge long and steep pass through tropical rain forest and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. However, you will be rewarded by stunning scenery and landscape of PhongNha national park, admire majestic  Truong Son mountain ranges where becomes iconic legend in Vietnam asisstance war against American. Enjoy first few km on tarmac and flat road before gearing up our  pedals to cycle ascendingly through National Park and hill tribes villages. Have lunch enroute, after lunch, we commence cycling   Ta Con – One of  US Air Base to learn about the history of battle fields in bothside.  Cycling the last distance to Hotel for relax and stay overnights.

Activities: Transferring from hotel to cycling point.
Accommodations: Khanh Phuong Luxury Hotel***
Cycling distance: 97 Km
Distance:    220.2 km
Elevation:    + 5231 / - 4891 m

Day 07: Khe Sanh Bike Ride  Aluoi 

Khe Sanh is strategic and important location, so the US military has established besieged (at Khe Sanh) in the hope of preventing the hospitalization expenses from the North to the South of the People's Liberation Army Vietnam and will cut the Ho Chi Minh trail. 
Khe Sanh is located in a  red ground valley above 400 m.  elevation. In 1965-1966, the US Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam Khe Sanh has developed into the largest base defenses in line 9. This is one of three "magic eye" (Khe Sanh, Lang Vay and Ta Con ) of the McNamara Line. At Khe Sanh took out the major battles in the campaign Route 9 - Khe Sanh 1968 campaign Route 9 - Southern Laos in 1971. 
Khe Sanh was a place mentioned in several songs Vietnam and also the title of a song about the bitterness that Australian troops had suffered in the military zone of rock band Cold Chisel (despite very few soldiers to war in this country Khe Sanh during their time in Vietnam). In a speech at the inauguration date of 01/20/2009, President Obama also mentioned Khe Sanh as an act of honor Americans who sacrificed for the country.
After breakfast in hotel, we ride  Ta Con  to  visit one of US Airbase then turn off the road descend to Dakrong  bridge. Enjoy undulating cycling road along the river, breathtaking scenery and hill tribes. Have lunch in TaRut Township. After lunch, we continue to cycle long up hill before descending to  Aluoi town. Arriving in Aluoi, take the room and have relax. Dinner and stay over night in Aluoi

Activities: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodations: Crown Aluoi Retreat
Cycling distance: 108 Km
Distance:    108.4 km
Elevation:    + 1542 / - 1367 m

Day 08:  A Luoi – Hue cycling tours 

Kick off our pedal from hotel, we cycle  through Aluoi to T junction, turn off the National way 49  lead to Hue city. We enjoy cycling with the wind  down hill, exposing picturesque scenery. We will conquer three steep passes in midway then down to Binh Dien for Lunch. after Refueling energy, we keep riding along  Perfume River . stop to visit some Tombs and temples onthe way.  Enjoy dreamlike riverside and peaceful villages .Arriving in Hue, check in and explore city by yourself. Have dinner and stay overnight in Park View hotel.
Activities: Cycling only
Accommodations: Hue Moonlight Hotel
Cycling distance: 73 Km
Distance:    73.2 km
Elevation:    + 873 / - 1442 m

Day 09: Hue cycling loop

After recharging fully energy for breakfast, Embark on bike to explore the former imperial capital of Vietnam. Hue holds the treasures of Vietnam’s royal past and is a curious mix of bustling streets and tranquil settings. 
Today you will ride (approximately 25 kilometres) through the fields to visit many of Hue’s remarkable sites, including temples, bunkers, tombs, ruins, pagodas and spectacular scenery. On your cycle you will visit the Imperial Citadel, including the Forbidden Purple City. The latter was almost totally destroyed during the Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive, but the foliage-covered ruins are still atmospheric and the gaping holes left by bombs give an idea of the destruction wreaked upon the country during the war. 
The itinerary is flexible and you have ample time for stops along the way to admire the sites. Later, kick back in a cafe or restaurant. Hue’s cuisine is considered by many Vietnamese as the best in the country, and is influenced both by its imperial heritage (small dishes and a focus on aesthetic presentation) as well as its strong Buddhist heritage, reflected in the high proportion of vegetarian restaurants in the region. The bustling Dong Ba Market offers a wealth of goods and foods to see and snack on. It’s a good place to try some of the local specialities that graced the Nguyen emperors’ banquet tables, such as the ‘banh khoai’, Hue’s answer to the pancake.

Activities:Cycling and Transferring
Accommodations: Hue Moonlight Hotel
Riding distance: approx. 25 kms

Day 10: Hue bike ride Hai Van Pass – Da Nang – Hoi An

Today is one of incredible and worthywaiting day in our trip while we cycle and challlenge one of the most famous mountain roads in southeast Asia, Hai Van Pass connects Hue to Hoi An, and today you will ride over it! Make sure you get a hearty breakfast—today’s route will be challenging. Our cycling tours start from hotel, setting off to the coastaline and cycle through  peaceful village and lush farms, lagoon to Thuan An Beach. 
Have short break for cold water and tropical fruits.  We also cycle through fascinating villages, where you can admire hundred magnificent mauseums. We ride on tarmac road to Tu Hien Lagoon, crossing bridge and climb short pass before descenting to T junction high way no1. Transfer to local restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we gear up our bike to challenge  the highest point, you will see why this mountain pass is thought to be one of the most beautiful coastal mountain roads in the world. Winding and hugging cliffs on one side, sweeping beach views on the other, you will pass by waterfalls, jungles, and the weather will likely be a little bit misty, which just adds to the area’s magic. At the summit, take a break and sip a well-deserved ca phe as you admire the stunning vistas. From the highest point, you can either take a ride in the support vehicle or continue to human-power your way to Hoi An. The enchanting Hoi An awaits!

Activities:Cycling and Transferring
Accommodations: Hoi An Blue Sky Boutique Hotel
Cycling distance: 100 Km/174 Km
Distance:    171.2 km
Elevation:    + 1771 / - 1777 m

Day 11:  Hoi An Bike Loop

Hoi An, which is a world heritage of Vietnam, has long been a cultural crossroad and remains such an ancient beauty after nearly 300 circles of the four seasons. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site. Cycling both in ancient town and rural villages, offer for you interesting challenging. Our trip start in Hotel  ride single track, paved road through peaceful villages, water coconut falm trees, cannals to vibrant Hoi An Town. Take the time to capture remarkable image of Japanese covered roof bridge, Communal houses. then  commence to Thanh Ha traditional Ceramic villages, Tra Que herb village and Thuy Linh Lattern lamp shades workshops, back Hoi An for lunch/ After lunch . we ride to Cua Dai  for swimming in imposing sand  beach. Have dinner and stay in  Hoi An Boutique Resort.
Activities: Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodation: Hoi An Blue Sky  Boutique Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 45 Km

Day 12: Hoi An touring bikes Tra My

Leaving the ancient town and coastal land behind, Setting off early to cycle long and tough distance to highland region today. Make sure, you will be recharged fully energy from hotel before departure.
Our stretch of the road today can be called a real challenge in general. we will depart from the sea at a height of meters we have to pass through the village on small concrete roads to the hills but through the rubber forests to reach a small village with a population of only a few thousands of people, that's called Tra Mi. When we have to work hard to conquer, our reward will be able to see the beauty that other tourists never see that is the wild and majestic beauty of Vietnam. Dinner and overnight at Tra My.

Activities: Cycling from hotel – transfer the last distance
Accommodation: Trung Nhan Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 124 km
Distance:    124.4 km
Elevation:    + 2404 / - 2087 m

Day 13: Tra My ride Kon Tum

Have breakfast with Vietnamese style in Local restaurant and feast for yourself strong coffee in lovely hilltop town. Today is another amazing and challenging day ahead.
After recharging energy, we will cycle from the hotel along the foot of the mountain. It's uphill at the beginning but then it's downhill, so if you compare the difficulty, it's a little easier today than yesterday. and the road is relatively good and will be very good after we have lunch along the way. and continue cycling back to the hotel in Kon Tum. Dinner and overnight in Kon Tum.

Activities: Cycling from hotel – transfer the last distance
Accommodation: Indochine Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 136 km
Distance:    135.2 km
Elevation:    + 3263 / - 3048 m

Day 14: Kon Tum touring bikes Pleiku

Today is another beautiful day in central Higland of Vietnam, make sure that we have fully energy for all day cycling trip. Setting off cycling tours from hotel, gearing up on scenic route  to explore  some highlight sights in city and neighboring regions. 
We will visit a local minority village (Ba Na), a scenic suspension bridge and a traditional wooden church. Then, you'll continue to cycle on village road,winding its way along river to visit Kontum Museum, Kontum Prison, kicking off our pedals weave through a vast of rubber tree forests and massive coffee plantation to gentle streams and magnificent waterfalls. Lunch is served in a local restaurant.  After recharging fully energy, we get back on bikes to cycle through tea, coffee plantations to Sea lake in Pleiku. After that, you’ll  visit a "Sea Lake" in Pleiku.

T'nung Lake is an important source of drinking water for Pleiku. People consider Tonle Sap Lake to be a jade gem amid the vast red soil of the Central Highlands, the "tear-filled eyes" of the mountain town of Pleiku and a place that evokes endless creative inspiration for writers and artists. The name To Nung is also known as T'Nung or To Nueng in the local language, meaning "sea on the mountain" because this is a natural freshwater lake formed on the crater of a volcano that has stopped erupting for hundreds of millions of years. When there is a strong wind, the lake surface often creates waves, so it is called a sea lake. T'nung Lake - Mountain lake.
Activities: Cycling from hotel – Hotel
Accommodation: Pleiku & Em Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 81 km
Distance:    81.8 km
Elevation:    + 866 / - 657 m

Day 15: Pleiku kick off Buon Me Thuot.

Buon Me Thuot in the central highlands is  not only a famous coffee region, also the home to ethnic minorities.This provice possesses the incredible natural beauty, a magnificent Gia Long waterfall, a range of lava fields  surrounded the colorful ethnic minority villages, a jag Seprepok River river bent toward coffee and corn plantations etc., and the vibrant traditional culture of the ethnic minority.
Enjoy brilliant breakfast in hotel, Setting off our new wonderful cycling day from Hotel, gear up our bikes through the capital of Coffee region  in central highland Vietnam. Stop on the way to immerse amazing photos of Coffee and rubber plantation. Learn how they grow and process coffee bean and weasel coffee. Our trip continue through lush scenery and verdant landscape to Buon Ho for lunch. After lunch, we hold on our handle bar to Ban Me Thuot. 
We'll cycle for 30 km through rolling hills, coffee plantations and small villages before turning off on a true backroad. This backroad enters into a very stunning rubber tree plantation that continues for 25 km (rolling with some small hills). The last 10km is on a beautiful rural road that eventually widens a bit and wanders through small farms and villages. Lunch will be taken on the way (picnic style lunch on this day). Very short 6 km transfer after the riding to the hotel in Buon Me Thuot.

Activities:Cycling and Transferring
Accommodations: Saigon Ban Me Hotel ****
Cycling distance: 85 Km/ 200 Km

Day 16: Buon Me Thuot  bike tours to Lak Lake 

After breakfast, depart on a leisurely ride to Lak Lake on mostly flat terrain. You will arrive in Lak Lake before lunch.  Upon arriving Lak Lake,  boarding our bikes on boat and trasnfer to Lake Tented Camped Resort.
In the afternoon, after a rest, head out to visit one of the old summer retreats of Emperor Bao Dai. Take a boat to a remote village on the far side of Lak Lake. Some light trekking is possible from this village 

Activities:Cycling Only
Accommodations: Lak Tented Camp Resort ***
Cycling distance: 75 Km

Day 17:  Lak Lake cycling trip Da Lat. 

Embarking on bike from hotel after recharging fully energy, cycling through lush scenery on scenic road around the lake. Gearing up our bikes and challenge the first steep, arduous pass, winding along slope of mountain and hillside up to  Phu Son Pass. Checking our gears before descending into scenic valley for picnic lunch and refreshment.
Following to lunch meal, we get back on bikes to cycle through coffee farms and  Ta Nung vilage, where our guides will introduce about coffee bean and weasel coffee farm in the Central Highlands. Take your time to driking”weasel coffe” and enjoy the view from there amazing. Then we have the final 17 kilometer uphill push to Van Thanh village. Our support vehicle’ll transfer to Da Lat City. We’ll spent overnight in Da Lat.

Activities: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodations: TTC Ngoc Lan Hotel
Cycling distance: 85 Km/ 156 Km

Day 18: Dalat Off the Beaten Track – bike ride

After recharging fully energy from hotel, Embark on bikes heading to the north-east of Da Lat city about 6km, experience great riding, a variety of landscapes, scenic views of farms, forests and mountains surroundings and good trails.  You’ll through vegetable and flower farms. 
Our Da Lat Mountain bikes will take you further to the pine forests, enjoying the beautiful view of the Victory Lake. The trail is sometimes up hill or down hill which makes the tour more adventurous. You have to carry the bike on your shoulder in some places or free your body on the bike to the Valley of Love. Your lucnh time will be served in the forest. 
After lunch, you’ll continue to cycle to Da Thien Lake. You’ll to enjoy the beautiful view of DaThien Lake and then cycling to Van Hanh Zen Monastery to sightseeing biggest Gold Buddha in Da Lat area. After that you continue to cycle to Your hotel at around 3:00pm or 4:00pm and then Free time to exploring City of Eternal Spring. We’ll stay overnight in Da Lat.

Activities:Cycling and Visiting
Accommodations:TTC Ngoc Lan Hotel
Cycling distance: 55 Km

Day 19: Da Lat cycling tours Bao Loc

Have breakfast in hotel, leaving the hilltop and honeymooner city behind, setting off another wonderful day from hotel, cycling through colorful flower gardern and vegetable farms, luxurious villas, weaving amongst tiny road and coniferous pine forests, lush green tea farms, durian, cashsew nuts farms and local markets to Dong Nai water reservoir.  Loading up our bikes on boat and crossing Thien Long lake to Tan Nghia for lunch time.
After recharging fully energy, we will be back on bikes and  cycle on mixed  scenic route  from single track trail, dirt road to paved villages road, winding along  far – flung  green tea farm, coffee plantation and immense tropical fruit orchards.
Stop on the way to take amazing snapshot  over Bao Loc green Tea hill top town for your wonderful day cycling trip before plunging into city.

Activities:Cycling and Visiting
Accommodations: Doi Dep Resort
Cycling distance: 106 Km
+1,603m  +17.8%  - 2,337m -22.8%


Day 20:  Bao Loc – Da Te – Dong Xoai

Bao Loc City is known as the "the capital of Tea plantations" in Southern Highland Central Vietnam.
In a place very close to Da Lat, there is still a foggy city that is not inferior to it, which is Bao Loc. This is a tourist destination that once you arrive, you will be fascinated by an invisible force and not want to leave. The real attraction is a tea hill located on an extremely cool and green hill.
After recharging fully energy from hotel, setting off our bikes to cycle on scenic lava route and admire stunning scenery of Coffee, cashsew nut, passion fruits plantations to Bao Loc hill tea.
You will stop on the way to take photos of magnificent waterfalls, admire yourself into vast green corn fields mixed with tropical fruits farms, weaving along hillsides and slope of mountains.
Our cycling trip continue on single track trail, snaking amongst the vast of tea hill and passion fruits farms to Tam Chau hilltop
The tea hills are covered with the immense green color of rolling hills and mountains. The tea hill is also home to four other types of high-end tea. The tea hill is considered by Bao Loc people as a farm producing O Long, Tu Quy, Thanh Tam, Thuy Ngoc, Kim Xuyen tea... All of those brands seem to come from the breath of Tam Chau tea hill.
You can freely admire the carpets of yellow flowers blooming among the vast green of tea leaves. Suddenly, you calm down a bit to feel every wind and breath in the tea garden. Even better, you can pour a cup of tea to sip. This is the paradise of relaxation. Enjoy a sip of hot tea in the cool air of this place.

Activities:Cycling and Visiting
Accommodations: Ngoc Tram Hotel
Cycling distance: 100/ 142 Km
+ 1,644m  + 22.7% - 2,331m -20.7%

 Day 21: Dong Xoai – Cu Chi Tunnel – Ho Chi Minh

This is your great victory day as you cycle from Dong Xoai to Chon Thanh, the end point of Truong Son – the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We spend a little time at the monument erected at Chon Thanh crossroads to mark the end point, located in front of the People’s Committee of Chon Thanh. During a 3-hours transfer to Cu Chi tunnels, lunch is served. 
After lunch, you ‘ll visit to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels tops a highly memorable day of adventure and provides some historical context of Vietnam War. Soldiers used these underground routes to house troops, transport communications and supplies, lay booby traps and mount surprise attacks, after which they could  disappear underground to safety. Visitors to Vietnam can now crawl through some of the safer areas of the tunnels, view command centers and booby traps, fire an AK-47 rifle on a firing range and even eat a meal featuring typical foods that soldiers living in the tunnels would have eaten. After discover the tunnels, taking supported vehicle to transfer to Ho Chi Minh City.

Activities:Cycling and Visiting
Cycling distance: 88 km/ 
+ 552m  - 6.1%  - 617m -5.0%

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent  Accommodations.
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes

Important Notes:

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance (covering emergency medical evacuation) for trips to Vietnam.
Tour cost will be valided during 45 days from date of offer. Past this date price and conditions may be readjusted.
The cost of air tickets is subject to change without prior notice by the airlines.
Reservations during peak times (Christmas, New Year, Vietnamese Lunar New Year, National Holidays) may be subject to supplementary charges.
Rooms at hotels are available only from 14:00 P.m on arrival day till 10:00 A.m on departure date. A supplement will be added if early check-in or late check-out is desired.
Please note that all the above services & tours have yet to be booked, they are proposed for your information only and we will not make any reservations before we receive your confirmation to do so. If one or some proposed service(s) is (are) not available at the moment of booking, we will try to find other possibilities/options or other similar service(s) in order to avoin order to avoid changes to the program.

Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes.

Tour included in:

English speaking cycling guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Meals details in itineraries ( 21 breakfast,21 lunches, 21 dinners)
A/C transfer/ and transportation
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek mountain bikes – 4300  with disc brake and  helmets
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
First aid kit
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking
Fruit and snack for cycling days

Tour excluded in:

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyond that supplied
Optional excursions
Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.
Visa fee
Departure  tax
Tip for team and guide

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