The hilltribes of Northern Vietnam are now so iconic and have been featured photographically in so many instances, that you may feel already somewhat familiar with them, but the truth is that those tribes, still living in their traditional ways, exist only in the most remote areas of South East Asia, and Ha Giang Province, open only relatively recently to travellers, is without doubt one of the best places left to witness the culture of these people.
This unspoilt, sparsely populated region is home to a staggering variety of hilltribes, many of whom don’t even communicate in the national language and who live by their traditional, subsistence farming ways.
The riding is some of the most amazing in South East Asia. Every day offers a different terrain, gradient, vista and climate as we climb and descent the various altitudes of the Ha Giang Plateau. This is a ride to remember and if the memory of burning leg muscles aren’t enough to remember it by, then your amazing photographs almost certainly will be.

15 Days – Alluring North East Vietnam and North East Laos Bicycle Challenge  is incredible way to disclose the hidden charm of Ba Be Lake, Explore crystal water in Ba Be Lake 
 Encounter unique  Islands on lakes, Cycling on winding road lead to Ha Giang . Experience  the rocky Dong Van plateau. A registered UNESCO Global Geopark, 80% of the terrain is covered by rock and it is said to contain fossils from 400 - 600million years ago. Nestled in a valley in the heart of the Rock Plateau, is the isolated town of Dong Van, very close to the Chinese border and surrounded by mountain forest and multi-coloured orchids. Meaning 'sharing culture' Dong Van is occupied by Chinese Hoa, and H'mong, Tay and Kinh People. The houses are built in Chinese style.
Cycling on Happines road to challenge some  incredible passes enroute to Ha Giang is highlight in our trip. We also cycle on scenic route lead to Hoang Su Phi and Bac Ha where opens every Sunday morning market. 
Bicycle challenge holiday continue cycling further in North West of Vietnam where breathtaking scenery and coloful hill tribes villages are also highlight in our trip. Cycling and challenging some steep passes on our way to test our abilities and duration. Say farewell our vietnam team hello Laos Team at Tay Trang Border. We commence our cycling trip through lush scenery and untouched region lead to Luang prabang.

Day 1: Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Ba Be 

Having breakfast in hotel, leaving the hustling and bustling city behind, our shuttle bus take two hours transfer on newly highway to Thai Nguyen.
Enjoy scenery and landscapes Northern region via  windown. Upon arriving of cycling point, we commence our new cycling day on tarmac road and gravel road to Ba Be National park.Cycling on scenic road, passing tranquil hill tribe villages. You will be captivated by breathtking scenic beauty, picturesque limestone mountains, rice terraces and peaceful hill tribal villages, arriving in Ba Be late afternoon, check in  and have dinner in local restaurant.

Activity: Transferring and Warming up cycling
Accommodations: Ba Be National park Hotel***
Meals: L/D
Cycling distance: 83 Km

Day 2: Ba Be – Bac Me

We enjoy another beautifull day by cycling from Hotel in National park  to Boat dock to take boat trip with your bike and explore one of largest fresh water lake on a mouth of vocano mountain in the world, the boat trip lead you  to waterfall then we continue pedaling our bike on single track to another boat trip lead to Nahang, Arriving Davi, we cycle on tarmac road, undulating, mixed  on and off road  to Bac me  (  Because of condition of the road is broken and unsealed, our truck and van can not follow us to support ,we  are possible to carry all nessarry things with our backpack, fill up water and some cakes, fruit  till lunch time, we meet our support again). After lunch, we continue to ride descend through numerous hill tribal villages to Bac Me. Have dinner and stay overnight in Bac Me.
Activity: Cycling, boat Trip and bycling trip to Hotel
Accommodations: Hotel Bac Me***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 85 Km

Day 3: Bac Me– Ly Bon Bridge - Meo Vac 

Starting new cycling day with leisurely space, along Gam River in the morning. You have chance to explore distinctive landscapes,fresh nature and pay vitsit local hill tribal market on the way. Crossing Ly Bon bridge to ascend long climb inthe misterious land of Ha Giang to conquere Happiness Road made by hand and labour force of  both Vietnamese people  army and people in the North , experience our challenging abilities. Have lunch in mid pass. After lunch, we keep riding on  slope of mountain before desceding to Meo Vac Township. Have dinner and stay overnight in Meo Vac.
Activity: Cycling from Hotel -Hotel
Accommodations:Hoa Cuong meo Vac Hotel***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 95 KM

Day 4: Meo Vac – Dong Van – Yen Minh 

Today is great day in our cycling trip to ride and explore incredible Ma Phi Leng pass. It is blessed with you  mountain picturesque panoramas, magnificient coin terraces, breathtaking scenic beauty. Experience everyday life  and cuture of H’mong, Dao hill tribes. Riding in untouched  area, you will discover the Vietnam and China landmark,and Vietnamese National flag tower. Our journey continue to  ride back road along  frontier line  to Vuong Palace ( H’mong king palace) where has been preserving  carefully architecture and daily life, business of Vuong Chi Sinh family. We keep riding on ascending road dotted with hill tribal villages, coin terraces before descending to Yen Minh Town. Have dinner and stay overnight in Thao Nguyen Hotel.
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Phuong Dong Hotel***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 75 Km

Day 5: Yen Minh – Quan Ba – Ha Giang

Get up early to explore colourful hill tribal market nearby hotel, back to hotel for breakfast and clear the bill, check out. We commence another maverlous cyling day  with two long climbs ahead before descending along the river down to Hagiang. You will  be rewarded by pristine nature, magnificient Hagiang  global Ecological Park, Quan Ba Twin mountains. We start cycling trip from Hotel, making warm up with first 17 km slope through pine forests and then down hill  along river, crossing the bridge to ascend again another pass. Have picnic lunch on second mid pass. Afterlunch. We continue to conquere the rest of the pass. Stop on the summit to look overview Quan Ba  town, take memorable picture in Twin mountain. We ride with the wind down to Hagiang city.upon arriving, do check in and enjoy solf drink and beer.Have dinner and stay overnight in  Ha giang
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Phoenix Hotel****
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 95 Km

Day 6: Ha Giang – Hoang Su Phi 

Start cycling from Hotel on undulating  and tarmac road to Tan Quang town, then turn off  to conquere  long pass. Expose fascinating rice terraces , lush forest and dreamlike landscape. Have lunch enroute.
After lunch, we keep riding on  heavenly gate before  riding down to  Thong Nguyen commune through friendly tribal villages  to heaven gate II and then escend  to  Hoang su Phi Town. Have dinner and stay overnight in local guest house.

Activity:Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Panhou Village***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 85 Km

Day 7: Hoang Su Phi – Coc Phai – Bac Ha 

Today is hard day with mixed road, single track and off road to  Bac Ha, we start fom Hotel, cycling   through Township to challenge incredible pass which  naturally separated between Ha giang and Lao Cai province . arriving in summit for picnic lunch. Following lunch,  we turn off in single track path to Lung Cai  Commune and  down hill to Bac Ha Town.the remainder of the day is your own.  Have dinner and stay overnight in Bac Ha.
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Ngan Nga Hotel***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance:110 Km

Day 8: Bac Ha – Sapa

After hearty breakfast, we commence to ride down hill to Lao Cai city via Ban phien road. Upon arriving city, we  cross the bridge and turn off national way 4 D to Sapa town, have lunch enroute and  keep riding long ascend to the Town. On the way , you have great time to take photo and enjoy spectacular view from your saddle. Arrving hotel late afternoon, check in and relax.
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Sapa Charm Hotel****
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance:109 Km

Day 9: Sapa – Lai Chau 

Today is another great day for adventerous cyclist who want to conquere the elavation in the North Vietnam. This is one of fifth incredible  steep pass in our cycling trip with 1979 m compare sea level. You will test your fit, challlenge and will again. You will be rewarded by extraordinary scenery, magnificient rice terrace, meeting friendly  hill tribes on the way.
Have breakfast in hotel, do check out and kick off your pedal to ascend out of Sapa town, you will ride on tarmac road lead to Silver water Fall . stop to take picture and have coffee break. We continue to conquere stiff pass  to Tram Ton summit with  elevation at 1979m. Upon arriving  on top, we spend the time to enjoy spectacular Fanxipang mountain view – the roof of Indochina 3143m, stunning Hoang lien son national park. Wearing warm jacket to ride long long down hill to Tam Duong T junction where coffee, tea and cake is waiting for you.after making warm up and refeshment. We continue riding to Lai Chau, have lunch enroute. After lunch, we conquere long pass on summit to enjoy incredible mountain view before descending to Lai Chau city where we will stay over night

Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Muong Thanh lai Chau Hotel***
Meals: B/l/D
Cycling distance: 75 Km

 Day 10: Lai Chau – Sin Ho – Muong Lay 

Start new amazing cycling day from Hotel to Phong Tho Town then turn off the single track path lead to Sin Ho. We make morning warm up by escending first long pass. On the way, you are rewarded by fresh nature, extraordinary Hoang Lien Son Mountain view . you will meet numerous hill tribal people such as  Dao, Hmong, Kho Mu , Mang and San Diu ethnic minorities. Upon arriving in summit, coffee and tea, cake and soft drinks are available for you. We continue to ride down hill and up again to Sin Ho Township for lunch. After lunch, we keep riding escend  7 km long and then down hill to Chan Nua T junction. The rest of distance is transfered by bus to Muong Lay where we stay overnight. have dinner and stay in Lan Anh hotel
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Thanh Binh Hotel***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 120 Km

Day 11: Muang Lay – Dien Bien Phu 

Start cycling from hotel on historical road lead to Dien Bien Phu . In November 1953, the French, weary of jungle warfare, occupied Dien Bien Phu, a small mountain outpost on the Vietnamese border near Laos. Although the Vietnamese rapidly cut off all roads to the fort, the French were confident that they could be supplied by air. The fort was also out in the open, and the French believed that their superior artillery would keep the position safe. In 1954, the Viet Minh army, under General Vo Nguyen Giap, moved against Dien Bien Phu and in March encircled it with 40,000 Communist troops and heavy artillery.
The first Viet Minh assault against the 13,000 entrenched French troops came on March 12, and despite massive air support, the French held only two square miles by late April. On May 7, after 57 days of siege, the French positions collapsed. Although the defeat brought an end to French colonial efforts in Indochina, the United States soon stepped up to fill the vacuum, increasing military aid to South Vietnam and sending the first U.S. military advisers to the country in 1959.nowdays, cycling on newly paved road . you have opportunity in exploring and admiring stunning scenic beauty, you will have mixed emotion and feeling about the great victory over Dien Bien Phu in 1954. Upon arriving in Hotel, you do check in  and stay overnight in Himlam ecotourist.

Activity:Cycling from Hotel - hotel
Accommodations: Muong Thanh Dien Bien Hotel****
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 100km

Day 12: Dien Bien Phu – Cross Border – Muang Khua ( Laos) 

We start early from hotel head to North West  Tay Trang Border Gate, we will ride on tarmac  road  through city, Muong Thanh Rice paddy before escending 15 km long to Border. On the way, you look overview fomer Dien Bien Phu Battle field and have answer for question why French troop defeated.upon arriving in Tay Trang International Border, you will do check point, say good bye Vietnamese team and meet Laos team  . do check in and get stamp for Visa in Laos Border. Fix your bike and cycling first down hill . enjoy picturesque nature. Stop for lunch en route.  Following lunch time, we continue to ride up hill before rolling down to Nam O river. Cross river to Muang Khua where we stay first night in Laos
Activity: Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Sernnali hotel
Meals: B/L/.D
Cycling distance:106 Km

Day 13: Muang khua – Uodomxay 

After breakfast, we head east in direction to Udomxai province, you should be feeling refreshed, although it is a gradual downhill it is up hill in some places but do not worry it is not too steep. There are some excellent photo opportunities of the friendly Khmu tribe and their families. Lunch is prepared by our guide and helpers so we can find a nice spot for lunch stop by the stream. Today is a great day riding.  
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations:  Charming Laos Hotel***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 99.9Km

Day 14: Oudomsay – Nong Khiaw

Today is great  and amazing day in our cycling trip in laos, we conquere some stiff passes on the Route 13 North. Start riding from Hotel, the road starts to wind upwards and we start the first of series escendings through high mountains, admire incredible scenic beauty on the way, explore Hmong hill tribal people who are known as originally live in high elevation in Northern Laos, informer times, they lived on growing opium. Upon arriving in  summit, snack, tea, coffee and soft drinks are available for you. We continue  riding  and counting the second and the third passes.  have picnic lunch on slope while taking overview marvelous nature beauty. After lunch meal, we check our pedal, brake for long long down hill to Pakmong. Turn right on way lead to Nongkhiaw for more 25 km. upon arriving Resort. Do check in and relax.
Activity:Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations:  Phaxang Resort***
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance:  114Km

Day 15: Nong Khiaw – Luang Prabang 

Start early in the morning, we ride on the Route 13 North head to Luang Prabang. On the way we expose the hidden charm of landscapes and hill tribal people. Enjoy undulating tarmac road while cycling to Luang Prabang. The last 30 km to Luang Prabang, we turn off the single track and dirt road along Mekong river, pass through numerous hill tribal villages, stop over in Buddha cave. Keep riding to Luang Prabang city for staying overnight.
Activity: Boat Trip and cycling to Hotel
Accommodations:The Sanctuary hotel****
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance:100 Km

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent  accommodation
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes.

Tour included in:

English speaking cycling guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Meals details in itineraries ( 14 breakfast, 15 lunches, 15 dinners)
A/C transfer/ and transporttion
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek FX 3 Hybrid bikes –  with disc brake and  helmets
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
 Boat Trip in ba Be Lake and Nongkhiaw
First aid kit
Fruit and snack for cycling days
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking

Tour excluded in:

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyond that supplied
Optional excursions
Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.
Visa fee
Departure  tax
Visa fee in Laos ( 35 USD per person upon arrival + 02 passport pictures
Tip for team and guide


Price of The trip  & rate:
Cost are based in USD $ and coverted to Vietnamese Dong ( VND). Therefore all costs are subject to currency fluctuations. If you wish to avoid any currency surchages  should there be a change in the exchange rate, you can pay for your trip inadvance of the balance date. Please ask our reservation staff to issue an invoice for your final payment.. Please note invoice are valid for two days then rewiewed. According to exchange rates. Child rate are available.
Tour price and exchange rate are based on tour cost and exchange rate at 2024 and are subject to change. Costs shown are in American Dollar. ( USD) unless otherwise countries in Euro . we have made every effort to ensure  itinerary documents  accuracy at the time of going to print. However, Our company can not be held any responsible for typographical errors or errors arising from unforseen circumstance.
Health and Fittness
Booking are accepted  on the undestanding that all persons travelling are normally in good  health and physically equal to the demands of the chosen trip
Reservations  are accepted  on the standing that. Whilst each hotel is usually one of the most comfortable available, limitations are imposed by the itinerary to make it inevitable that sometimes the standard of accommodation may vary from place to place. Single room are generally booked for privacy than comfort and are of limited availability
Insurance, Passport, Visa, Health Requirements: 
You are responsible to ensure that
You are in possession of a valid passport. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary visas for entry to the countries you are visiting should they be required:
Adequate insurance to cover personal accident, cancellation, medical ans associated expense. Luggage, money and liability cover is a pre – requisite for the holiday


Booking Conditions:
Deposit and ballance payment
A non –refundable deposit of 30% per person is required at the time you make a reservation. If the booking can not be confirmed your deposit will be refunded in full. The final ballance is due 30 days prior to the commencement of your holiday and is payable by cash or internet banking. Failure to pay by due date could result in cancellation
Payment by credit card
Cash price are shown as per the price  insert. We welcome credit card payment by VISA or MASTERCARD for your convennience but owning to the bank charges we are forced to apply a 3% surcharge to every credit card transaction. 
Booking Amendments
If you alter your booking after confirmation of your reservation and amendment free fee per booking will be charged to cover administration costs incurred. If you change your reservations after the holiday has commenced. Our company can not accepted any liability for loss, damage and additional expense and no refund will be made.
If we cancel your booking : if the trip is cancelled  due to natural disaster such as flooding, earthquake etc. Or insufficient participants to proceed with a tour, the operator reserves the right to cancel a trip 25 days prior to commencement. A full refund of all monies paid will be refunded. We shall endeavour to provide a suitable alternative where possible.
If you cancel your booking: Notification of cancellation will be made to our company in writing. The date when written confirmation of cancellation is received by Our Company is determine the charges applicable. Loss of money is  paid as follows:
Days before Departure
More than 30 days
14 days- 29 day
7 day s – 13 Days
6 days -4 days
3 days
Charge applicable
Loss of deposit
Forfeit 35% of the tour cost
Forfeit 50% of the tour cost
Forfeit 75% of the tour cost
Forfeit 100% of the tour cost
Disclaimer/ Responsibility
Snail Adventure tours Co.,Ltd acts as a co – ordinator for all persons taking the tour in making of all arrangements for transportation. Sightseeing and hotel accommodations.  Snail Adventure Tours Co.,Ltd does not own, manage, control or operate any supply of services. All coupons receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers and all the services are subject to the law of the countries where the services provided.
Snail Adventure Tours Co.,Ltd acts as an agent for the owners, contractors, and suppliers of transportation and/ or other related travel provided.
Snail Adventure Tours Co.,Ltd assume no  liability for the lost or damage to property or for injury, illness or death or for any damage or claims however so caused aring directly or indirectly from accidents, loss or damage to persons or properity, delays, transport failures, strikes, wars, uprising or acts of Gods over which we have no control, the owners, contractors, ans suppliers have no responsibility if museum/ galleries etc are closed or being  renovated during  your visit
Any complaints should be communicated to the company’ staff as soon as it arises. Failure to notify our company’ staff at the time, providing company with an opportunity to rectify the cause of complaint, may result in the lost of any legal rights in respect of the particular matters.. if the issue is not solved, then the complaint should be made in writing within 28 working days of the end of the tour

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