Laos is landlocked by its neighbors Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, China and Vietnam. The mighty Mekong River runs the entire length of the country, providing fishing, irrigation and fertile farmland along the delta. Its population of 6 million people is distributed through modern towns, rural villages and isolated, ethnic, mountain tribes.
 The deeply entrenched Buddhist culture touches every part of life, making encounters with the Lao people one of friendship and warm welcomes.
Laos, a peaceful country, geographically mountainous, historically fascinating and spiritually rich culture, this destination will certainly take your breath away and making you frequent this destination. After years of isolation and war, Laos, with its almost intact culture and the most relaxed people on earth, is earning cult status among the travelers. Though it is developing fast, it still has much of its traditions intact.

15 Day Northern Laos Bicycle loop, therefore, present a swarm of surprises that are sure to mesmerize the tourists. Luang Prabang is the prime location offering an option for cultural adventure. Visiting the homes of the friendly-natured locals gives you the opportunity to experience Baci welcoming ceremony. It is the Lao tradition prevailing for centuries and strolling the traffic-free, pleasant alleys and streets of this old city. Visit the gilded temple with the novice Buddhist monks. Spend some private time with some rare species of Asian elephant in the sanctuary outside the town. It will be a fascinating experience feeding these gentle giants.
Further afield, you can set off your way to cycle further in Northern East where its sharing border with Vietnam  to explore sleeply valleys, challenging incredible passes and winding roads through primative tropiccal forests. interact with curious hilltribal people on way to passby or chat with local kids on the way to/ from schools.
More amazingly. we will ride to explore
Plain of Jars  in Phonsavan where the mysterious Jars has been existed for over thousand years is big questions.
15 Day Northern Laos Bicycle Loop will continue on slope mountain cycling back  Luang Prabang,. we also ride, challenge and experience the tranquil beauty of nature, immerse in fairyland scenery. 

Day 1; Luang Prabang Arrival

Warmly welcome to Laos with our 15 Day  Northern Laos cycling Loop in Luang Prabang. . You will be met on arrival and transferred to your hotel. UNESCO world hertiage town Luang Prabang is encircled by mountains and situated on the banks of the Mekong at its confluence with the Nam Khan river. You are free today to explore this delightful city on foot or by tuk tuk. There are no less than 32 historic temples, ancient monasteries, the magnificent Royal Palace Museum and elegant French Colonial architecture to take in. This is a place to relax and enjoy the food, the peaceful surroundings and the people before our challenging cycling adventure begins. There will be a group meeting late afternoon/early evening for introductions and a tour briefing.
Activity: Transfer and city tour
Accommodation: Sanctuary Hotel or My Laos Homes Resort
Meals: /L/D
Transferiing Only

Day2: Luang Prabang  Cycle tour – Kiu kacham

After recharging fully energy in Hotel, we sett off our way to start 15 Day Cycling tours in Northern Laos Loop from Hotel cycle gently on asphalt road out of City. We quickly challenge some tough passes after warming up 20 km from Hotel. we begin the first of two long ascents, riding a 16km climb passing through a spectacular scenery of limestone peaks, some of which are the highest in South East Asia. We than have a cycling descent of 15 km before we begin riding the second monster climb of 24 km to reach Kiu Kachan.
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Guesthouse
Cycling distance:  78 Km

Day 3; Kiukacham Bike tours – Phou khuon

Refueling energy from guesthouse or local restaurant, Today is actually tough and challenging day in our trip, we spend almost time to cycle ascently on slope mountain, cycling on winding road twisting around soaring mountains. while we cycle on through Laos we will enjoy beautiful scenic views across the cloud hovered mountains and valleys before we reach Phou Khoun, our stop for the night. Phou Khoun is a small town at the junction where travellers turn off to Phonsavan and the Plain of Jars. 
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Phuokhuon Resort
Cycling distance:  51 Km

Day 4; Phou Khuon bike ride to– Muong Souy

Today is another actually challenging day in Laos Bike tours, as we cycle on mountain pinnacle routes tackling a few steep stretches as we cyce toward the legendary Plain of Jars enjoying beautiful surroundings. But the worthy rewarding is brilliant scenery and panoramic mountain views.
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Muang Souy Guesthouse
Cycling distance:  88 Km

Day 5: Moung Souy bicycle to - Phonsavan

Warmly welcome new adventure day  all of us by scenic ambience and prestine nature. We will start new really cycling adventure day after having breakfast in local restaurant. Hopping on bike to enjoy genlly cycling an with an undulating 20km ride through dramatic scenes of craggy limestone peaks. We then descend over 1500m before another climb. The ride continues on beautiful quiet undulating road with some unrelenting stretches and a final climb. The area was heavily bombed during the Indochina war; evidence of this is all around us as we pass remains of bomb craters in the hillsides. We end our challenging day in Phonsavan the provincial capital located in the centre of the Plain of Jars.
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Falvanmai Hotel***
Cycling distance:  48 Km

Day 6; Phonsavan Exploring by bikes

We have time to day to explore the Plain of Jars. The area is a huge archaeological complex. The megalithic stone jars are over 2,000 years old. Believed to be Iron Age burial urns, their true origin remains a mystery and legend has it that they could have been created to brew potent rice wine to celebrate the victory of a band of mythical giants over their enemies. Others say the jars held whisky for a thirsty giant who lived in the mountains above Phonsavan.  There are three sites to explore and some local villages as well as Ban Xiengdi, where there is a small monastery with Buddha images. You could also visit the MAG Centre. MAG is a humanitarian organisation clearing UXOs (unexploded ordnances. Lao PDR is the most heavily bombed nation in the world (per capital).
Attention: The Plain of Jars was heavily bombed during the war, it is important to respect all the signs and stay along the defined trails due to bombs, UXO, and landmines.

Activity:  Cycling or bus to explore Plain of Jars
Accommodation: Falvamai Hotel***
Cycling distance: 45 Km ( Option)

Day 7: Phonsavan bike tours – Muang Kham

Recharging engery from Hotel, Today we get back our bikes from hotel, riding along Xieng khuang Plateau where you will witness further traces of the remaining impact of the war.  Again, we will see many bomb craters in hillsides easily visible from our bikes. From Phonsavan we cycle on relatively flat terrain through rice paddies before beginning a downhill ride on surfaced road through rolling verdant scenery.  In the Muang Kham area there are hot springs and Ban Nam Hom Jar Site. 3 km east of Muang Kham is Xang village where Tai Dam women sell traditional woven textiles; you can cross the river on a small bamboo bridge to visit the Phuan village and observe the women at work crafting their wares. 
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: ASA Hot Spring Water Resort
Cycling distance:  52 Km

Day 8: Muang Kham  cycle challenge to - Nam neum

Waken up in dreamy valley, immersing yourself in clouds hovering over valley and mountain, we start new cycling adventure day in Laos  from hotel, kicking off our pedals to gear up on Another long and challenging day of cycling. We begin with a 15km uphill ride, cycling through more rugged, remote, spectacular scenery. Shortly after leaving Muang Kham we pass Tham Piu Cave where a single rocket from an aircraft during the secret war killed 374 people sheltering inside.
The route continues with short undulations along the edge of Phou Bia mountain which is known as the highest mountain range in Laos, we will be riding along winding road through shady forested areas, passing through Hmong and Tai Dam minority villages. We finish our day after a 15km downhill cycle to NamNern, a small town where we will stay over night. 

Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation:  Guesthouse Nam Nuem
Cycling distance:  88 Km

Day 9: Nam Neun -  Ban That Hium ( Vieng Thong Muany Hiam)

Another tough cycling day is waiting us ahead after breakfast in Hotel, we kick off our bike from hotel, cycling on  gravel road along Vietnamese mountain site with a 5km climb before we join road 1C for a short but steep downhill ride. From here the riding becomes challenging again. We will spend most of the day with unrelenting uphill biking over 35 km. Our exertions are rewarded with a very pleasant 15 km downhill cycle to Muang Vieng thong also known as Muang Hiam. 
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Guest House
Cycling distance:  66 Km

Day 10; Ban That Hium bike to Vieng Kham

After refueling by  a Vietnamese style breakfast,  our cycling tour continues through rural Lao landscapes. We begin with a 15km gentle climb followed by pleasant downhill cycling. We ride through a densely forested part of the National Bio-diversity Conservation Area. We will pass through small villages rarely visited by tourists. This afternoon we enjoy a downhill ride to our rural stop at Viengkham guest house just beyond Pak Xeng.
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Guest House
Cycling distance:  54 Km

Day 11: Cycling route from Vieng Kham – Nong Khiaw

Welcome our Northern Laos Bicycle Loop by challenging day ahead, we ride and mesmerize by mixed emotions, As we cycle closely to Luang Prabang.  We commence with more hilly riding as we enjoy cycling on towards Nong Khiaw and end our day with a nice downhill.  Once we’ve checked into our riverside hotel we can walk up to a magnificent viewpoint to take in the full beauty of our surroundings. Back at the hotel this evening we can relax in our scenic surroundings  with coconut pancakes and lao lao cocktails. Unfortunately, an ongoing programme of dam building is likely to change these beautiful landscapes as yet barely intruded upon by mankind. 
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation: Paxang Resort***
Cycling distance:  47 Km

Day 12: mountain bike from Nhong Khiaw – Oudomxay 

Have hearty breakfast in Resort, we start our new cycling adventure day from Hotel, ride gently on tarmac and flat road for 40km , admire magical scenery and wonderful landscape on the way small tar road into the karst, the scenic lime stone mountains to Pakmong town. Taking refresh  with cold water and solf drinks.  After recharging energy, we gear up and challenge the first  and long climb over 11km to the peaks. Stop in another slope mountain for picnic lunch. After Lunch meal, we  get back on bike to cycle on  winding its way road along the mountain before descenting  on gravel road to Oudomxay Town.
Activity: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Meals: B/L/D
Accommodation:  Charming Laos Hotel
Cycling distance:  114 Km

Day 13: Cycling route from Oudomxay – Pakbeng

Today it’s a long full day cycling to Pak Beng. This is one of the most spectacular stretches of long mountain road. The road is dotted with small villages and this is a great way to get acquainted with local rural life. The dramatic limestone and green rolling hills formations make for great photographic opportunities. There will be plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the wonderful scenery. The journey passes through beautiful mountain ranges and Hmong hill tribe villages. The population here is made up of an astonishing 23 ethnic groups. Sharing the trail with colourful vehicles and livestock, we’ll get a glimpse of real rural life in Asia. We’ll have a picnic lunch before heading south to Pakbeng along the Beng River.
Activities: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodation: Sanctuary Ecolodge****
Cycling distance: 90 Km

Day 14; Pakbeng Slow boat to – Luang Prabang

The Slow Boat is a unique and rewarding cruise, perfect for exploring the exotic and beautiful scenery of the north in comfort. Cruising down the Mekong can be very relaxing. You will develop a sense of serenity being absorbed by the physical pull of the river and its surrounding lush green landscape. Gliding smoothly on the river you will soak up the slow-paced atmosphere as we wave to the friendly, smiling locals we see on our way to Luang Prabang.
8:00am: The boat leaves Pakbeng. The boat departs for another day of impressive nature landscapes all along the river. 2 stops are planned during the afternoon. Use your free time in the morning for asking some questions about Luang Prabang and Laos the guide.
12:30pm: Lunch is served on board. You will taste traditional Lao food with several dishes.
1:00pm: After the lunch, the first stop will be at Pak Ou to visit the famous Pak Ou Caves (Tham Ting) and its thousands of Buddha images.”
2:30pm: Next step, the Lao Lao village, commonly known as the Whiskey Village. In there, the guide will provide information about the locally made rice whisky, and you will have the chance to taste it if you wish.
You will also have time to enjoy the charm of this small and authentic village, its temple and local artisans. You will be served some local snacks and fresh fruits before arrival. You will arrive in Luang Prabang around 4:30pm. Transfer to your hotel. Have farewell dinner with our team in cozy Restaurant.

Activity: Explore Minghty River by long slow boat
Accommodation: My Laos Homes Resort and Spa
Cycling distance: No

Day 15: Luang prabang onward

Our Laos Northern Bicycle Loop Tours will be ended this morning. You will be transferred to Luang Prabang airport for your return flight home
Activity: Transfer
Accommodation: No

Important Notes:

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance (covering emergency medical evacuation) for trips to Vietnam.
Tour cost will be valided during 45 days from date of offer. Past this date price and conditions may be readjusted.
The cost of air tickets is subject to change without prior notice by the airlines.
Reservations during peak times (Christmas, New Year, Vietnamese Lunar New Year, National Holidays) may be subject to supplementary charges.
Rooms at hotels are available only from 14:00 P.m on arrival day till 10:00 A.m on departure date. A supplement will be added if early check-in or late check-out is desired.
Please note that all the above services & tours have yet to be booked, they are proposed for your information only and we will not make any reservations before we receive your confirmation to do so. If one or some proposed service(s) is (are) not available at the moment of booking, we will try to find other possibilities/options or other similar service(s) in order to avoid changes to the program.

Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes

Tour included in:

English speaking cycling guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Meals details in itineraries ( 14 breakfast, 14 lunches, 14 dinners)
A/C transfer/ and transportation
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek mountain bikes – 4300  with disc brake and  helmets/ Trek FX3 Hybrids
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
Long slow Boat in Mighty River – Pakbeng – Lung Prabang
First aid kit
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking
Fruit and snack for cycling days

Tour excluded in:

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyond that supplied
Optional excursions
Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.
Visa fee
Departure  tax
Visa fee in Laos ( 35 USD per person upon arrival + 02 passport pictures
Tip for team and guide

Creating Unique Touring Experiences:

All the touring itineraries on this website have been carefully crafted by our in-country management teams and represent a series of experiences we can certainly recommend. However, we understand that every travel experience should be as unique and individual as each traveler. Our consultants are waiting to hear from you so that we can tailor or custom design a Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar tour to your individual specifications

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