Laos is landlocked by its neighbors Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, China and Vietnam. The mighty Mekong River runs the entire length of the country, providing fishing, irrigation and fertile farmland along the delta. Its population of 6 million people is distributed through modern towns, rural villages and isolated, ethnic, mountain tribes.
The deeply entrenched Buddhist culture touches every part of life, making encounters with the Lao people one of friendship and warm welcomes. Temples, pagodas and stupas dot the country, with glints of golden rooftops visible as the sun rises over the mountains and the early morning alms giving ceremonies see the towns flooded with saffron robed monks.

 Immersing  yourself bicycling through the beautiful landscapes of Northern Laos, The Ancient capital of Langxang Empire kingdom, and enjoying the spectacular scenery. A bicycle tour through a fascinating region under your own power. On a bike, you can really get a sense of a place. Feel the wind in your face, the sun on your back. The smells and sounds reach you instantly. You connect with your surroundings, are in the middle of it all. And just ahead, the next unexpected moment you’ll remember forever: a temple shrouded in mist as the sun appears over the mountains, or a flock of birds rising in a shimmering cloud from a river

The Mekong River and its many tributaries are integral to the Lao way of life. They provide water for laundry, cooking, washing, playing, fishing, travelling and irrigation. Through your service and travel options you will see Laos as a truly captivating country, where the gentle pace of life invites the visitor.

Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, is situated on the Mekong River, one of the world’s great river systems, and is the center of northern Lao arts and culture. The town has rightfully been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Easily accessible with direct flights daily, Luang Prabang and the natural beauty of the Seuang River Valley, create the perfect setting for community service groups.

15 Day Luang Prabang – Hanoi Bicycle tours will bring you to come closer the world heritage of Laos – Luang Prabang -UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. This ancient royal city, full of exquisite Buddhist Temples, where time seems to stand still, is a magical place to explore and relax. Our trip continues to Southeast. We will cycle on hilly road and admire mysterious plain of Jars. 
Luang Prabang bicycle tours will offfer  amazing Cycle on scenic road and rustic villages to Muang Kham and  Vieng Xai to visit and learn bout the history of Phathet Laos. These huge caves were home to around twenty thousand Pathet Lao communist fighters during the secret war of Laos. This war, termed secret because the US was not supposed to be engaged in combat in neutral Laos, was all part of the larger geo-political events and changes of the sixties and seventies. While the communist forces were being bombarded from the air by the CIA funded Hmong Army, they used these caves as a refuge, complete with hospital, school and underground villages. we will say good bye our Laos’ Crew, check in Vietnam Border again and cycle to Pu Luong Scenic Valley and Halong  Bay.

Day 01: Arrival Luang Prabang: 

Arrive at the airport in a small town of Northern Laos Luang Prabang. After arrival, clear immigration meets a local guide and transfer to hotel (about 15 minutes). After check in hotel in town, free to relax or explore town before dinner and visit night market.
*Laos Visa processed on arrival with two passport-size photos and US$35 – US$40 cash 
Important note: Verify your passport is valid for at least six months after your date of exit from Laos. You may not be permitted to get in Laos with less than 6 months expiration on your passport

Activity: Picking up and Transferring Hotel
Accommodation: The Sanctuary Hotel
Cycling Ditstance:  No

Day 02: LuangPrabang city tour

After breakfast,the first day join in 15 day Luang Prabang - Hanoi Bicycle Tours to  explore the treasures of sublime world heritage town of Luang Prabang. Rising at dawn to view traditional alms procession of monks passing slowly through town, get back to hotel for dinner before exploration of the town, by bike through the town, pausing to explore major temples dating to the 15th century such as Wat Xieng Thong a masterpiece of Buddhist architecture, Royal Palace structures, and French-colonial period buildings, visiting the colorful local market Phosi, and visiting other sites in town by preference, such as weaving and handicraft paper villages. 
In the evening, enjoy the outdoor night market, one of the most interesting in all of Southeast Asia. 
LuangPrabang is the oldest city in Laos, before the 14th century was the capital city of the land of million elephants (Laos). The town is a beautifully preserved and in 1995 it was added to UNESCO`s World heritage list. 

Activity: Cycking to Water Fall
Accommodation: Sanctuary Hotel****
Cycling Ditstance: 45 Km

Day 03: LuangPrabang – Kiukacham

We ride out of town and join route 13 heading south. Today’s ride will ride around 1000 meters in elevation. Climbing starts almost as soon as we leave town. We ride out of the Mekong valley and into the mountains, following the Khan river. We fork left staying on route 13, then start a series of tough climbs. After 15 km of climbing (1005 m above sea level), we are rewarded by a 14 km descent to Nam ming (350 m above sea level) where we stop for lunch. After lunch, we have one last climb (20 km) into the mountains to Phou Dam before we drop down to Kiew Kacham (1340 m above sea level). Accommodation is basic but dinner is good and there is plenty of Lao Beer
Altitude: LuangPrabang = 270 m. Kewkacham = 1340 m
Cycling ditstance: : 82 km
Meals: (B / L / D)
Accommodation: Kiewkacham guesthouse 

Day 04: Kiukacham - Phoukhuon

Today’s ride will take us up around 1000 meters in elevation and the climbs start almost as soon as we leave town, we pass many villages and stop for refreshments every 15 or 20 km, we ride along the mountain ridge for 20 km. At 22 km, we start our first climb of the day for 8 km then start a series of tough climbs. After the last climb to a small town of Phoukhoun we reach the junction to Vientiane capital. We overnight in Phoukhoun.
Altitude:. Kewkacham = 1340 m. Phoukhoun = 1250 m
Cycling Distance: 78 km 
Meal:  B, L, D
Accommodation: guesthouse or camping at strawberry farm 

Day 05:  Phoukhoun – Phonsavan (the plain of jars) 

Our guide will prepare breakfast. This area is the coldest place in our trip especially in the morning; we drive on route 7 to the plain of jars. After 75 km driving we reach Phonsavan where we stay overnight. Phonsavanh used to be the battled field between the communist government and anti-communist government in 1964 – 1973.
Altitude: Phoukhoun = 1250 m. 
Cycling  Distance:  76 km/ Transferring
Meal: B, L, D 
Accommodation:  Falvanmai Hotel

Day 06:  Phonsavan – Muangkham 

After breakfast we drive out of town for 8 km to see the plain of jars. The history of the stone jars remain a mystery today, there are more than 60 sites, scattered in different group all across the plateau. Only three groups have been surveyed and assigned registration. The other groups have not yet been surveyed because the locations are covered with thick bushes and contaminated by many remaining UXOs (Unexploded ordinances) leftover from the Indo-China war. The highest jar is more than 3 meters. There are several difference theories as to the purpose of the jars, which are estimated to be 2500 – 3000 years old. According to local legend, King Khoun Chuang had them constructed in order to store wine for the big celebration of his victory in the 6th century. We cycle back to the town for lunch before heading east on direction to Vietnam to a small town of Muangkham. 
Attitude: 1100 m – 650 m above sea level 
Cycing Distance: 65 km
Meal: B, L, D
Accommodation: Guesthouse

Day 07: Muangkham – Namneuan 

After breakfast at the local restaurant, we head north at the junction to Vietnam border, the road today is quiet, after 5 km undulating road from our guesthouse we start the big climb of 15 km at 1500 m above sea level on the top, after water stop we cycle downhill and the next climb is shorter. Picnic lunch will be brought by our guide and we stop for lunch on the way when we fell hungry. The last section of 20 km we cycle downhill from the attitude of 1400 m – 500 m above sea level to Namneuan village where we stay overnight. 
Attitude: 650 m – 1500 m above sea level 
Cycling Distance: 86 km 
Meal: B, L, D
Accommodation:  Guesthouse

Day 08: Namneuan – Samnua 

Breakfast today is prepared by our guide at the local restaurant, today is long day and big climbs, after breakfast we leave Namnuean and start the first big climb of 7 km from 600 – 1000 m to the junction (optional transfer through the big climb) we turn right on direction to Vietnam and cycling on the quiet and winding route past a smattering of villages. We reach Xamnua province in late afternoon. 
Samnua province is a small province in northern Laos; it was 1 of two provinces controlled by communist before 1975 during Indochina war and was heavily bombed. 

Cycling Distance:  95 km
Meal: B, L, D
Accommodation: Chittawan hotel 

Day 09: Samnua – Viengxai

After breakfast, we'll spend time cycling through local villages and enjoying the stunning scenery and tranquil setting during the short ride to Viengxai. This area is one of the most remote and undeveloped in Laos. After a leisurely start this morning, heading over to explore the nearby famous network of caves inhabited by the Pathet Lao during the Vietnam War. The large caves, both natural and artificial, were extensively developed and used by Pathet Lao in Vieng Xai during the war, including Khayson Cave, the office and residence of the Pathet Lao chief during the war period, and Souphanouvong Cave, also called Red Prince Cave, the residence of royal Prince Souphanouvong at one time. The biggest attraction of the town is the caves. The former Pathet Lao (Lao communist) Revolutionary headquarters of Vieng Xai sit in a striking valley of fertile hills and limestone cliffs riddled with caves, several of which were used to shelter communist officers during the second Indochina War. In these caves the Pathet Lao established a “hidden city” which supported around 20,000 people. During nine years of almost constant bombing, they sheltered in caves and the surrounding jungle. Most of their daily lives were conducted under cover of darkness. Schools, hospitals, and markets as well as government ministries, a radio station, a theatre, and military barracks were all hidden in the caves.
Activity: Cycling and visiting
Accommodation: Naxai guesthouse
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 30 Km

Day 10;  Viengxai – Nameo border  Say good bye Laos Team, Welcome Vietnam team.

Aftet recharging energy for new adventure day, we set off our way from hotel looking forwwad Na Meo Border to ride on national route 217 , cycling uphill and then over rolling hills towards Nameo border on paved roads surrounded by limestone mountains, passing hill tribe and local villages in the area, including Thai Dam, Thai Dang, Meuy, and Kmu, pausing for snacks en route. After arrival at the border and immigration formalities say good bye Lao guide and driver through the border to Vietnamese immigration meet Vietnamese guide and driver.  
we kick off our pedal on the scenic route to Quan Son.  We ride through  bammo forest and quaint village life to Town.  The take transfer to Pu Luong Nature Reserve.
The Pu Luong limestone landscape is an area of outstanding beauty, culture interest and high biodiversity value stretching from Mai Chau in the North to West to Cuc Phuong national park in the South East. It is blessed with rich forest, limestone panoramas, magnificent rice terraces and breathtaking scenery.
Cycling through the reserve and visit many beautiful small villages are among the activities travelers like. Scenery is beautiful with two ranges of mountains on both sides creating a lush green valley in the middle dotted with traditional villages. The locals here are among the most friendly people in Vietnam. You can always be invited to their homes for a cup of tea on your way. The local culture is rich and authentic. Villagers are living in small villages nested in the valleys, in their traditional house on stilts. Joining on a dance after dinner is always an unforgettable experience..

Activity: Cycling From Hotel – Border – Crossing and transferring to Pu Luong
Accommodation: Pu Luong Retreat
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 95 Km

Day 11;: Pu Luong exploring 

After breakfast, we kick off our bike and cycle on the scenic route around Pu Luong, pass green rice paddies and villages, meeting friendly  local villagers. you will bike on the village path uphill to the dirt road. This part of the road is in bad condition but offers beautiful views over Thai villages and terraced rice fields on the valley. You cycle downhill on the single track to Ban Lanh where local people still preserve their traditional weaving cloth. We continue on single trakc trail through stunning rice paddy and green tea farm to Pho Doan.
Arriving Pho Doan Village stop to visit local market on sunday  if we are on right time. We keep riding on undulating road along river to admire incredible scenery  in bothside of nature reserve in to Nua Village. have lunch in Nua Village. After lunch we continue to explore the village  and transfer back to Pu Luong Retreat. The rest of day is free to relax  Retreat., Have dinner and stay over noght in Pu Luong.

Activitiy: Cycling
Accommodation:  Pu Luong Retreat***
Meals: B/L/D
Total Cycling  distance: 35 – 60  Km

Day 12::  Pu Luong Retreat– Pho Doan – Cam Luong – Cuc Phuong 

After breakfast in Resort, Say good bye them, we start early  to ride back road  to Pho Doan, the township of Pu Luong Narture Reserve, if lucky, we can visit and take photo  at colourful tribal market before crossing the bridge , we ride on corridor path of Nature Reserver , through sugarcane fields, corn farm dotted with Thai and Muong Tribes villages led to Cam Luong, we are rewarded by spectacular scenery, meeting friendly local  villagers. We reach to Ho Chi Minh Trail at noon. Lunchmeal at local restaurant  in Kim Tan town, Afterlunch, we continue to ride 45 km more on a mix  of good single track and undulating paths . The view are stunning as the rider passes  through villages and across rice paddies, sugerccane and cassava farms . Arriving in Cuc Phuong National Park at late afternoon,  check in and take a rest  until dinner times. 
Activitiy: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodation:  Cuc Phuong Resort/
Total Cycling  distance: 40 - 55 Km

Day 13:: Cuc Phuong National Park – Trang An – Tam Coc

After breakfast, our minibus take us into the depth of forest. From the center of the Park, we will cycle along canopied forest trails and through primitive jungle – an exclusive, tourist – free route, all the way to  the gate of National park. Stop for refreshment, then we visit the Endangered primate Rescure Center. The day’s cycling continues onto Dong Giao – pineapple plantation where you can enjoy fresh pineapple from local farmers selling on sideroad. We ride out of plantation to Tam Diep Township, transfer to Tam Coc for Lunch. After lunch, we ride through   magnificient limestone mountains rise up majestically from the green rice paddies, streams to Trang An Heritage Site,  Upon arrival, we take relax or wander around to encounter different birds in here. Dinner and stay overnight in Resort
Activitiy: Cycling 
Accommodation:  Tam Coc Hotel/ Ecolodge
Total Cycling  distance:  30 - 55 Km

Day 14: Tam Coc – Ha long Bay

Leave   Tam Coc for Halong Bay, one of the most magnificent scenic environments in the world, Halong Bay. Covering 577 square miles, this vast bay is filled with more than 3,000 limestone “peaks” or karsts that jut from the deep blue water as far as the eye can see. We’ll spend a day and a half, including an overnight with dinner and breakfast onboard, exploring this overwhelming seascape from the decks of a traditional Vietnamese boat. Comfortable and intimate, your boat features hand-crafted wooden interiors including a dining room and pleasant air-conditioned cabins with private baths. Since we’re overnight on the water, we’ll be able to explore Ha Long Bay’s most beautiful spots with time to swim and even visit some of the largest rock formations and caves. This promises to be one of your most memorable travel experiences in Asia. Stay overnight on Boat.
Activity: Transferring and Exploring Halong Bay
Accommodation: Oriental Cruise****
Cycling distance: 

Day 15: Halong – Hanoi.

The day starts early onboard with Tai Chi session on the sundeck. Tai chi also called Tai chi chuan, combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow and gentle movements.Coffee, tea and pastries for breakfast are served in the dining room with morning view of bay’s landscape.
Transfer by tender to Sung Sot Cave. Walk up about 100 steps to the cave entrance. It takes approximately 45 minutes for cave visiting. Visit Sung Sot Cave, one of the most biggest cave in Halong bay with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Return to the boat by tender. Proper shoes are highly recommended. Back to Pelican Halong Cruise. Check out and settle your bill at reception.
Have a buffet brunch while cruising back to the Tuan Chau Wharf. Relaxing on the sundeck or in the dining room enjoying the bay scenery while approaching the wharf.
Disembark to Tuan Chau Wharf. Say goodbye  to the crew.Return to Hanoi by shuttle bus. Stop over the middle to visit a traditional workshop and refreshment about 30 minutes.Arrive in Hanoi

Activities:  Transferring
Accommodation:The Light Hotel ****
Cycling distance: No

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose aquivalent accommodation
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes

Tour included in:

English speaking cycling guide ( other languages upon requests\

Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy

Meals details in itineraries ( 14 breakfast, 14 lunches, 14 dinners)

A/C transfer/ and transportation

Van or bus supported during the cycling times.

Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.

rek mountain bikes – 4300  with disc brake and  helmets

Boat trip in , Tam Coc  and Halong Bay

Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries

 Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes

First aid kit

Cold water box, small fresh towel.

Fruit and snack for cycling days

Mineral water for drinking

Tour excluded in:

International airfare

Travel insurance

Items of personal natur

Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals

Mineral water beyond that supplied

Optional excursions

Additional transport required due to any emergency situation

Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.

Visa fee

Departure  tax

Tip for team and guide

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