The hilltribes of Northern Vietnam are now so iconic and have been featured photographically in so many instances, that you may feel already somewhat familiar with them, but the truth is that those tribes, still living in their traditional ways, exist only in the most remote areas of South East Asia, and Northern Vietnam, open only relatively recently to travellers, is without doubt one of the best places left to witness the culture of these people.
This unspoilt, sparsely populated region is home to a staggering variety of hilltribes, many of whom don’t even communicate in the national language and who live by their traditional, subsistence farming ways.
Joining in
12 Day Vietnam North East Cycle Tour is some of the most amazing in South East Asia. Every day offers a different terrain, gradient, vista and climate as we climb and descent the various altitudes of the Nothern Vietnam. This is a ride to remember and if the memory of burning leg muscles aren’t enough to remember it by, then your amazing photographs almost certainly will be.
Joining in our
Vietnam bicycle tours, the cyclist will in turn cycle and challenge some of incredible passes winding it ways along slope of mountains or hillsides in Bao Lac. crossing over rugged and steep limestone mountain ranges, snaking amongst majestic gradients peaks into Cao Bang – Fairyland.

While Cao Bang located in Northeast Vietnam, possesses the incredible natural beauty, a magnificent Ban Gioc waterfall, a range of limestone mountain surrounded the colorful ethnic minority villages, a jag Quay Son river bent toward a lush rice paddy fields etc., and the vibrant traditional culture of the ethnic minority.
During the
cycling loop, you are free to explore the magnificent but equally poetic beauty of the limestone mountains mingled with the cloudy mountains. climb to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic view of the winding Quay Son river, drifting along the Ngoc Con rice fields or join the kayaking on the Quay Son stream to the Ban Gioc waterfall. 
Cycling on dirt roads, rugged and rocky terrain, passing  along lush green rice fields or concrete village roads to feel the simple beauty, everyday life of the ethnic people here.
This exclusive tour takes you from Hanoi to the natural wonderland of
Northeast Vietnam with Ba Be Lake and Ban Gioc Waterfall. 

Day 01: Hanoi - Thai Nguyen – Ba Be lake

Having hearty breakfast in hotel, leaving the hustling and bustling city behind, our shuttle bus take transfer two hour on newly highway in Thai Nguyen. Upon arriving in cycling point, we commence cycling on tarmac road to untouched region of ATK ( safety zones) – Name for Vietminh revolutionary base.  We will cycle through peacefull village and stunning scenery on the way to  far North Vietnam.  you will have chance to visit village making paper. Have lunch in Bac Can, after lunch time , we start cycling from  Bang Lung Town to Ba be, enjoy breathtaking scenery and  lush village life. Upon arrival in Ba Be, check in home-stay and free for leisure. Overnight in home-stay in Ba Be (at the front of river View).
Activities: Transferring and Warming cycling
Accommodations: Ecohomestay ( private room with econdition)
Cycling distance: 86 km

Day 02:Ba Be Bike & Boat

Start our new exploration in Ba Be after recharging energy, we will be back on bike to cycle trip to boat dock and explore Ba Be National Park, you will start a boat trip along Nang River to discover Ba Be Lake, Puong Grotto, the rapids of the Dau Dang Waterfall and tiny Widow Island. You will have more time to go around Ba Be village as well.  These  poetic  landscapes will  bring  you  relaxing  time  with  fresh  air  and  green environment, so don’t forget your camera for nice photos. In the afternoon, you will have chance to go slightly cycling to visit Hua Ma cave, a huge grotto with thousands of stalactites. Overnight in Ba Be home-stay (at the front of river View)
Activities: Cycling and Cave exploring, Boat trip on Ba Be Lake
Accommodations: Ecohomestay or Thai Binh Hotel**
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distances: 22 Km

Day 03: Ba Be Lake – Boat Trip and Cycle Bac Me

Get up early to experience the daily life of Tay people who have been the owner of Ba Be Lake and living for hundred years in this area. You may be wander around the lake to contemplate  outstanding scenic beauty .
Have breakfast with our host, then we say good bye them,  jump on boat with our bike to explore tranquil lake  and peaceful village in the morning. 
Ba Be Lake is one of 28 Biggest fresh water lake on slope of limestone mountain in the world. With 8 km width and  600 m length. Ba Be is definitely ideal destination for tourist to experience  and discover the oustanding scenery and emerald water lake.. We will spend over one hour on boat trip to expose the stunning landscapes and learning about the diverse flora and fauna  in  Ba Be National Park.  Load up our bike and cycle on concrete road lead to Na Hang reservoir then take the second boat trip to Da Vi section.We continue cycle through untouched region of Na Hang National park, challenge some steep passes  with sharp turns and winding  slope lead to Bac Me.

Activities: Cycling, Boat Trip and Cycling to Hotel
Accommodations: Bac Me Hotel**
Cycling distance:  70 Km

Day 04: Cycling tours Bac Me – Bao Lam – Bao Lac'

Today we will be back on bike with  a full day cycling through the beautiful region along the  Gam River. Breakfast and start biking from your hotel. Following national road 34A for the whole morning on old tarmac which runs in parallel with Gam River eastwards for 23km Ly Bon.,. There’s a relatively gentle uphill climb of  before we descend for the final 30km along flat terrain. We will pass people from the local minority communities along the way dressed in their vibrant tribal costumes. Stop on sideroad to visit local market or exploring daily life of hill tribal people. Have lunch enroute. Following lunch we continue to ride along the bank of Gam river, conquere on relatively tough pass before descending to Bao Lac town 
Activities: Cycling
Accommodation: Thuy Duong Hotel
Cycling Distance: 75 km.

Day 05: Bao Lac Bike Ride  Khau Coc Cha - Pac Po'

Today is definitely tough and arduous cycling day in our trip, however, we will be rewarded by outstanding scenery and breathtaking sights in road.
Have breakfast with Vietnamese styles in  local restaurant, we hoop up our bikes from hotel, cycling and challenging 12 km steep pass., wind its way on slope  and rugged  mountains. sometimes, we stop on way to capture brilliant pictures in deep valleys or rice terrace along hillsides.we quickly ride on pinnacle  of mountain and plunging into peaceful village.
we actually meet long and tough hilly passes from here and winding its way through rugged  and dangerous mountains from three storeies to 15 storeies before descending into dreamlike valley for picnic lunch..After recharging energy, we gear up our bike to challenhe the last pass before descening to Thong Nong town. turning on secondary road and ride on undulating roadlead to Cao Bang city.

Activity: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodation: Pac Po Eco Lodge
Cycling distance: 87 Km

Day 06: Cycling Route Pac Po – Tra Linh

Hearty breakfast in hotel, we kick off our pedal from hotel to Pac Po. Enjoy pristine nature and stunning scenery as we ride on tarmac road through peaceful villages. interact with hill tribe people on the way or school kids go or from school. We keep our way to Pac Po on newly  undulating road.
Pac po is holy destination for Vietnamese people – the cradle of Vietnam Revolutionary from 1930 -1945, where President Hochiminh was the first time set his feet to Viet Nam fartherland after 30 Years living and working in abroad.
Pac Po is located at between high mountain ranges and stream, river, share border with China at milestone 108 Km. Hochiminh decided himself to set up this area for initialy Vietnam Revolutionary.  Visiting this historical relic, the traveller understand about Post Vietnamese Revolution and Hochiminh Life as well.
Upon arrival of Pac Po, we spend our time to pay tribute to the predecessors and Hochiminh, who led Vietnamese people to revote against Japanese Troop and French military expedition to gain independence in 1945.  After Visiting, we gear up our bike to ascendingly ride to Gate of Heaven. Having picnic lunch on peak. After lunch meals, we challenge our abilities on the top before descendly ride to  Tra Linh Town ship.

Activities: Transferring and cycling to Hotel
Accommodations: Duc Long Hotel**
Cycling distances: 60 Km

Day 07: Tra Linh – Ban Gioc Mountain Bike

Breakfast in Hotel, we commence our cycling day from Hotel ascendingly ride out of the town then rolling down to Trung Khanh town. Admire brilliant scenery and breathtaking landscapes as we ride through the core of world Global Geopark in Vietnam.
Upon arrival of Trung Khanh , regroup and refreshment for while. We continue out trip to turn off the single track to Quay Son River. Admire stunning sightseeing and lush rice paddy fields as we ride along border belt , cross bamboo bridge then we cycle through quaint villages and rice paddy fields.
Having lunch in Eco Homestay. After lunch, we cycle along the river to Ban Gioc water fall or Kayaking along Quay Son river. Dinner and stay overnight in Ban Gioc Resort

Activities: Cycling from hotel - Hotel
Accommodations: Lan Rung Ecolodge
Cycling distances: 72 Km

Day 08: Ban Gioc Cycle Tours Quang Uyen

Get up early in the morning to expose the fascinated nature, walking down to discovery the magnificent Ban Gioc Water Fall. Ban Gioc Water Fall is one of the most maverlous water fall in Vietnam, sharing with China a half of river . come back to Hotel for hearty breakfast. After breakfast, we commence riding from hotel to Quang Uyen Town on new frontier road to observer the picturesque limestone mountain ranges, passing many hill tribal village of Tay and Nung hill tribes. Learn about their life by visiting their house and chating with the local village or intertain their own special productions. Have lunch enroute. After lunch, we continue to ride undulated road and village road to Quang Uyen Town. Upon arriving in Hotel, do check in and have relax by yourown. Have dinner in Local restaurant, saty overnight in Hung Dung Hotel.
Activity; Cycling from hotel to Hotel
Accommodation: Hung Dung Hotel***
Tel: 0982820155
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 70 km

Day 09: Quang Uyen – Phi Ha – Pia Thap – Tu Do  – Dong Khe – That Khe

Today is another amazing day in Cao Bang Loop Bicycle tours while spending morning ride to explore mysterious  scenery and fairyland of Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark.
After recharging energy from local restaurant, setting off Cao Bawng Cycling tour from hotel, cycle through vibrant  morning market to  Phi Hai village. The first steep pass takes you out of the town and plunge into dreamlike valley is worth waiting ahead.
We will be actually impressive by  poetic and dreamlike scenery while Cycling on single path, through magnificent sights and rustic villages.
Spending our time to explore Lan Duoi village, weaving basket village where you will not only see baskets being made, but also have a go at making one yourself.
We continue our cycling trip to Pia Thap Village – where you will learn about the traditional Village of making stick incense.
After visiting vilage, we get back on bike to challeng incredible pass which take you to anotherside of mountain. Upon arriving on the top of a limestone mountain behind the village from which you can enjoy the stunning view over Phia Thắp village and its surrounding mountains.
Our cycling trip follow concrete path acrosses a meadow that offers irresistible views over maize fields and a fairy-tale landscape of limestone pinnacles covered in lush vegetation to Tu Do and Hanh Phuc communes. Meeting main road again, we stop for picnic lunch.
After recharging energy, we kick off our pedals to cycle on hilly road lead us to Dong khe town. Upon arriving in Dong Khe, we have two options. Cycling the last distance with 24km to That Khe or take transfer to Hotel.

Activities: Cycling from Hotel - Hotel
Accommodations:  Hai Van Hotel
Hiking Distance; 78 Km

Day 10: Cycling Tours That Khe – Bac Son 

Enjoy hearty breakfast in hotel,  we embark on bike to cycle through  That  Khe Town. We quickly gear up and challenge our first exploration today with undulating road, meander through rustic village and stunning rice paddy field. After warming up, ascenting the first steep pass winding along hillside and tropical forest to peak.
Immersing yourself in amazing scenery and rugged limestone mountain ranges. Having lunch enroute.  Following to lunch meal, we gear up our bike to Bac Son Town ship.
Bac Son is historical place related to post Viet Nam Revolutionary in 1930. This area is remarked one of the first battle field against French millitary Expedition in North East Viet Nam.
Nowdays, Tourist are impressive and enchanted by incredible photo spot where you can take panoramic scenery of Bac son Valley.
You will be ecstatic by dreamlike scenery and quaint village life. Cycling through valley to Quynh Son Eco homestay villages to learn bout  their culture. Cycling on backroad to hotel. We have relax and dinner in Hotel.

Activities:Transferring and Cycling
Accommodations: Binh Huong Hotel
Cycling distances: 65 Km

Day 11; Bac Son - Mountain Bike Huu Lien

Having breakfast at hometstay, sip a cup of hot tea or coffee on the porch, watch the white clouds hovering over the mountain peaks, covering the Bac Son valley every morning.
After refueling for a new day, we continue to cycle from Quynh Son village, cross the rice fields in spring or golden yellow to reach the foot of Na Lay mountain. Leaving our bike the the botton, we start the journey of walking to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic view of Bac Son valley in the early morning.
We descent back the foot of mountain and continue cycling through Bac Son valley to come to Dong Lam - Huu Lien nature reserve. Arrive at Huu Lien community tourist area for lunch and rest.
The journey starts from Lang Ben village, cycling through the fields towards Huu Lien nature reserve. We will immerse ourselves in nature, cycling around the prairie where there are many horses running and jumping. Are you ready for an adventure on the lake bed along the savanna by kayak? The lake bed curves on the green meadow towards the wide lake. Rowers will have the opportunity to show their strength and team skills
17h00-18h30: Return to homestay to shower, rest and prepare for a delicious dinner (hill chicken hotpot, grilled spring rolls...)

Activities:Transferring and Cycling
Accommodations: Phong Son Retreat
Cycling distances: 65 Km

Day 12: Huu Lien -Bike Ride  Hanoi 

After breakfast, prepare your picnic gear and ride your bike towards the meeting point on the deserted island.You set foot on the endless grass, free to play like Robinson on a deserted island. Spread out the picnic mat and enjoy a cool afternoon tea together. Share and prepare a delicious BBQ lunch right on the meadow. Hill chicken of the Tay ethnic group, ethnic’s pig of the Nung group, and specialties of sticky rice with bram red leaves... will be the main dishes of a unique lunch right on the steppe that you won't be able to. forget.
13h00: You return to your home-stay to shower and rest before getting on the bus back to the noisy and bustling Hanoi.
14h00-17h00: Goodbye Dong Lam and Huu Lien, you return to your busy life, and remember to come back every time you want to meet the clouds and sky, friends!

Activities: Cycling and transferring 
Accommodations: By yourself
Cycling distances: 55 Km

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent  accommodation.
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes.

Tour include in

English speaking hiking guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Meals details in itineraries ( 11 breakfast,  11 lunches, 11dinners)
A/C transfer/ and transportation
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek mountain bikes – 4300  with dist brake and  helmets
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
First aid kit
Fruit and snack for cycling days
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking

Tour excluded in:

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyond that supplied
Optional excursions.
Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.
Visa fee
Visa fee in Vietnam ( 25 USD per person upon arrival + 02 passport pictures
Departure  tax

Tip for guide and our crews 

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