Trekking route: Hanoi – Lao Cai – Bac ha – Lung Phin – Ta Cu Ty – Nam Chien – Coc Dong – Thu Ta – Nang Don – Ban Luoc – Ho Thau – Nam Ai – Thong Nguyen

Nestled at  the foot of the imposing Tay Con Linh Mountain ranges. Ha Giang province, North eastern Vietnam. Hoang Su Phi district is preserving the spectacular natural scenery along with the special cultural heritage of the  ethnic minorrity people.
Homed of 13 ethnic minorities who have lived together for centuries. Typical as Tay, Nung, Dao, H mong, San Diu ... These peoples have united in the production and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural values.
Through hundreds of years of productive labor, they have created , fertile rice fields that provide enough food for themselves and the surrounding peoples. 
These fields have created unique and wonderful sightseeing landscapes of Hoang Su district in particular and
Ha Giang province in general. 
To preserve the unique values and spectacular scenery here. The State and the Ministry of Culture and Sports have been awarded the title of national heritage terraces. Thanks to the development of community tourism projects to promote local heritage. It helps to eradicate poverty, preserve local cultural values 

Snail Adventure Tours Company is proud to be one of the pioneers in providing community tourism products to domestic and foreign tourists. It is a bridge between tourists and the people here. With the tourism products are rich in cultural values and landscapes, friendly with the environment, sustainable tourism Direct income generation for local people helps them to significantly improve living standards, thereby shortening the income gap between mountainous and lowland areas. With two major tourist products including bicycle tours and trekking  tours, we hope to bring an exciting and amazing experience for  Those who are planning travel combined with outdoor activities.
Whether who you  are, what you do and when you want to join, we have suitable adventure trips for your one a life time holiday in
North East Vietnam.
• This is a hard trek tour for clients who are fit and have good mobility plus some trekking experience. Heavy rain may cause difficulties and cause the paths to become dangerous at some stages of the trek.
• The trip can be organized the whole year around. The landscape is at its most beautiful from May to September thanks to rice and corn farming. Unfortunately it is hot and wet then with especially heavy rainfall in July and August. The weather is nice in October, November and the first half of December. January and February are cold and foggy, but it does get better from March to April.
• Personal luggage should weigh no more than 6kg while trekking. Good trekking shoes, rain gear and warm clothes are needed, especially in Jan and Feb and insect repellent should be brought.

• We reserve the right to change our tour plan when and where necessary in the interests of the safety of our clients.

Day 1: Hanoi - Arrival

Welcome to Vietnam. Arriving at Noi Bai International Airport, Snail Adventure Tour guide and driver will greet and pick you up to the hotel at the heart of Hanoi capital. Hanoi, the antique and dynamic city of Vietnam, reserves a unique old world charm and several of the most striking colonial architecture of Asia. After the checking-in,Take relax by your own and do briefing itinerary with our guide for coming days. enjoy a cyclo ride through the bustling streets in the Old Quarter to discover the ancient and modern beauty of Hanoi. After the tour, you will be warmly welcome with a special welcoming dinner in a typical Vietnamese food restaurant. Stay overnight in Hanoi
Activities: transferring and meeting our group
Accommodation: Flower Garden Hotel ****
Meals :D
Transfer distance: 35 K

Day 2: Hanoi – Bac Ha 

Having hearty breakfadst in Hotel, leaving the hustling and bustling city behind, we set off our way to North West Vietnam. Enjoy 5 hours on our bus to abserve stunning scenery and lush sightseeing on road. upon arriving in Lao Cai, having lunch in local restaurant.  Following lunch meals,  our shuttle bus take over  one hour more to Bac ha Town. Upon arriving in Hotel. Do check in and make warm up by walking around the village and learn about the hill tribe people life. Have dinner and stay overnight in Bac Ha township.
Activities: Transfering and warming up trekking
Accommodations:Ngan Nga  Hotel
Trekking distance: Warming up trekking

Day 3: Bac Ha – Lung Phinh – Ta Cu Ty 

Following to hearty breakfast in Hotel, we set off our way to Trekking point, upon arriving, we commence our first day of Far North Vietnam trekking trip in Lung Phin Commune with several photo stops along the way. 
Start trekking from Ta Chai Village of the Phu La ethnic along a narrow valley through Quan Hoa Hamlet for 3 hours. Lunch break .Continue trekking for one more hour and arrive to Lu Suoi Tung Village of the Flower Hmong. Spend 2 hours walking through this isolated  village, paying visit to local school and several Hmong family for a discovery of their living way.  Picked up at Lu Suoi Tung for 8 km road transfer to home stay near the center of Ta Cu Ty Commune. This portion of the road offers spectacular landscapes of the Ban Gia Valley with several photo stops before arriving to home stay.

Activities: Transferring and Trekking
Accommodation: Ecohomestay
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance: 15- 18 Km/ 5- 7 hours

Day 4: Ta Cu Ty – Nam Dan – Nam Chien 

Breakfast and saying good bye to local hosting family at 08.30am. Once leaving Ta Cu Ty, there are 2 options for client’s choice:
Opt 1: Hard trek: The whole morning trekking along a large path with great view of the Ban Gia valley to Song Lam village of the Nung ethnic peoples for 3 hours. Lunch break at Song Lam near the village school.
Afternoon trek following a narrow footpath with challenging for another 2,5 hours (hard trek) up and downhill the Nam Dan mountain through the thick bamboo and rain forest. Suddenly the panorama view of the Nam Chien valley open wide in the sight as the trail process downhill to Nam Dan village of the Nung ethnic peoples. Paying visiting to the famous rock-field with scripts carved by ancient peoples. Continue trekking along a larger trail for 1 more hour to home-stay at Nam Chien Village of Nam Dan Commune.
Opt 2: Medium trek: The whole morning trekking along a large path with great view of the Ban Gia valley to Song Lam village of the Nung ethnic peoples for 3 hours. Lunch break at Song Lam Village of the Nung.
Continue trekking for 3 hours to follow the same trail along the Ban Gia Valley via Sin Chai Village of the Flower H’mong, Zao to the center of Ban Ngo Commune. Picked up and transfer to Nam Dan village for visiting the famous rock fiel with carving of ancient scripts. Arrive at home-stay in Nam Chien Village at about 05.30 pm.

Activities: Trekking from Homestay - Homestay
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance:15 – 20 Km/ 5- 7 Hours

Day 5: Nam Chien – Che La – Coc Dong 

Get up early to experience outstanding scenery and observe the dailylife of minorities poeple in village. We have breakfast with our host.start new trekking  day along the narrow track for 1 hour to get downhill to the bottom of Nam Chien Stream, cross to other side through suspension bridge and then trek uphill for 2 hours to Che La Village. Visit this charming village of the Nung before lunch break.Continue after lunch along a large village path which neaks up and down on mountain side to pass through several hamlets of the White H’mong who probably see western tourists for the first time. Pay visiting to local homes, meet peoples at home and at works and some may invite to their house for a cup of tea. Please if being offered opium, should strongly refuse! Arrive in Coc Dong village of the Red H’mong, explore this remote village before check in home-stay in a house of a H’mong family. Relax for the rest time of the day before dinner.
Activities: Trekking from Homestay - Homestay
Accommodation: Ecohomstay
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance:14- 18 Km/ 4- 6 hours

Day 6: Coc Dong – Thu Ta 

Enjoy tasty breakfast  with our host, we commence our new trekking day from homestay, follow to the trail and goes through the wild area on the western side of Kiou Leou Ti Mountain Range, the 3rd highest one on Vietnam. From homestay trek uphill for one hour uphill, then the trail winds up and down through lush rain forest for 3 hours, passing by some isolated hamlets of the H’mong and Zao ethinic peoples. Picnic lunch in the forest along the way. Getting out of the forest in mid-afternoon, the valley of Thu Ta Commune opens wide underneath as the trek processes gradually downhill amongst impressive terraced paddies all the way through the valley which is home to the White H’mong. Arrive to home-stay at about 5.00pm and relax.
Activities: Trekking from Homestay - Homestay
Accommodation: Ecohomstay
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance: 18 -20 Km/ 5- 7 hours

Day 7: Thu Ta – Nam Don – San Sa Ho 

After joining brilliant breakfast with our host, we commence our new trekking from village for an hour along large path to Trung Thinh Commune; explore this commune of the Nung and Zao ethnic before trekking along steep mountain side for nearly 2 hour to Nang Don Commune, Have lunch break here. Trek after lunch for nearly 3 hours up and down on the northern side of Kiou Leou Ti to get through Nang Don Commune to San Sa Ho Commune, through wild forest as well as very impressive terraced fields of San Sa Ho Valley which is part of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage. Check in home-stay at 5.30pm and free to explore the charming village of the Nung Ethnic which situated on mountain side and overlooking down San Sa Ho Valley.
Activities: Trekking From Homestay - Homestay
Accommodation: Ecohomestay
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance: 17- 20 Km/ 5 – 7 hours

Day 8: San Sa Ho – Ban Luoc – Ho Xan  - Ho Thau

Breakfast and start trekking from home stay for 2 hours along narrow dirt trail winding through fascinating San Sa Ho Valley, passing by some villages of the Nung and the Blue H’mong, meet peoples working on the fields or doing their every day works. Then cross the stream and walk up steep hill for nearly an hour to a small hamlet of the Black Zao peoples. Have lunch break before explore this remote hamlet. Continue trekking mostly uphill along another valley belonging to the National Heritage named Ban Luoc for 2 hours, enjoy amazingly impressive terraced fields before reaching to the top of the pass and moving downhill to Ho Xan Village of Ho Thau Commune. Ho Xan is home to the Red Zao whose traditional costume is so beautiful with hand embroidery. The path becomes larger and trek gets easier for an hour before arriving to home-stay at before it gets dark. Check in home-stay, freshen up, dinner and relax.
Activities: Treeking from Homestay - Homestay
Accommodation: Ecohomestay
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance: 17 – 20 Km/ 5 – 8 hours:

Day 9: Ho Thau – Nam Son – Nam Dich 

Today is an easy day. Leave Ho Xan village at 9.00am and walk mostly downhill to explore some villages of the Nung and Red Zao scattering around Ho Thau Valley for the whole morning. Then enjoy a leisure walk along Nam Dich River before settle down on a small piece of sand and rock to have lunch break. Enjoy swimming before trekking uphill for an hour and then downhill to Nam Dich Junction. Check in home-stay here at about 4.00pm and relax or free walk along the peaceful river.
Activities: Trekking Frm Homestay - Homestay
Accommodation: Ecohomestay in Nam Dich Village of the Red Zao People.
Meals: B/l/D
Trekking Distance: 15- 18 Km/ 5 – 7 Hours

Day 10: Nam Dich – Tan Xa Phin 

Beakfast and leave home-stay at 8.30am. Trek along a narrow dirt trail up steep mountain for the whole morning through lush forest, bamboo plantation and isolated hamlets of the H’mong to Le Hong Phong Village. Have lunch break in a house on stilts of the Tay. Explore this prosperous village of the Tay ethnic which consisted of about 30 houses on stilts beautifully set on the side of Phin Ho Mountain, then walk along large path which runs along a stream for 2 hours to Tan Xa Phin Village of the Black Zao. Enjoy the fascinating panorama of the Phin Ho Valley until Sunset. Check in home-stay, dinner and relax.
Activities: Trekking
Accommodation: Ecohomestay in Black Dao
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance: 16 – 19 Km/ 5- 7 Hours

Day 11: Tan Xa Phi – Nam Ty – Thong Nguyen 

Breakfast and trekking along a buffalo trail from Tan Xa Phin down steep hill side for 3 hours today morning to get through the northern edge of Nam Ty Valley, passing by several hamlets of the H’mong and Zao peoples before reaching to the bottom of the valley, have picnic lunch and rest on the bank of Nam Ty Stream. Trekking after lunch up and down three earthern hills through green plantation, tea farms and rice paddies for nearly 4 hours in the afternoon. Enjoy marvelous scenery of the Nam Ty Valley which is part of Hoang Su Phi National Heritage before arriving to Hoang Su Phi Ecolodge at about 5.30pm. Check in and relax. The trekking tour ends up here.
Activities: Trekking From Homestay  - Thong Nguyen Retreat
Accommodation: Pan Hou Retreat
Meals: B/L/D
Trekking Distance:17- 20 Km/5- 7 Hours

Day 12: Thong Nguyen – Tan Quang – Hanoi

Breakfast, check out in Hoang Su phi Lodge at 8.00am for 7 hours road trip back to Hanoi with a stop for visiting beautiful tea farm and lunch break in Yen Son, Tuyen Quang. Arrive Hanoi at 5.00pm.
Activities:Market visiting Transferring
Accommodation:Flower Garden Hotel****
Meals: B/l/D
Transfer distance: 280 km

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent  accommodation
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous cusine.

What’s included

English speaking Trekking guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Private Eco homestay village based on size of group
Meals details in itineraries ( 11 breakfast, 11 lunches,  12 dinners)
Van or bus transfer And  supported and carry luggage to homestay each day.
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
First aid kit
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking
Support crew to supply picnic lunches and water on trekking day, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner in trekking.  
Local trekking guide    

What is not included

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyon Itinerary

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