14 Day  Maverlous Northern Vietnam Bicycle Tour will take you to places with the most unique landscapes and cultural diversity in Vietnam. You will be not only able to ride a bicycle, admire the fairy scenery but also conquer the spectacular passes hidden in the morning mist, winding around the mountainside or crossing the dreamy valleys.
14 Days  cycling in Northen Vietnam, we conquered 788 km of steep passes, villages, valleys and green rice fields.
Vietnam Mountain bike trip begins in the frontier district  Muong Khuong of Lao Cai, then begins a challenging but equally exciting journey whilst cycling on border belt road, witnessing the daily life of Vietnamese and hil tribal people, watching the majestic and lyrical landscape in the top part of the country.
we will also continue cycling through the valleys, the idyllic village of the Hmong people  whose is hidden in the old forest that civilization has not yet approached them.
Our trip is temporarily far from the Northwest highlands, we return to the capital where we continue the journey to discover the hidden beauty of the mountains and the nature reserve. Here we are free to breathe in the fresh air, immerse in the melodious melody of nature.
Biking through the primeval forests or slowly cycling on the shady village roads are great experiences in the journey of each of us.

Day 01: Lao  Cai – Muong Khuong – Bac Ha

Hanoi – Lao Cai Express Train will  arrive in Lao Cai station early morning, you will meet our supported team and driver to take you in local restaurant for having breakfast. After recharging energy, we depart early to Muong Khuong Sunday Market. 
Muong khuong is frontier district of Lao Cai province, share border line with Yunnan province, is home of  14 different hill tribe peoples, of which Hmong is majority. Cycling and attending colourful Sunday Muong khuong market is unique and brilliant way to experience and explore the untouched regions, longstanding culture of Hmong people. Additionally, you have chance to capture fascinating landscapes and colourful people on the way to market.
After visiting market, we start our first day bicycle tours in Far North Vietnam along border belt to challlenge the first tough and rough slopes of mountain before descending to Lung Khau Nhin Market.
We will actually meet and conquer the second incredible pass from Lung Khau Nhin to Cao Son and Ta Thang commune with 20km km long . However, the scenery and landscapes on route will make you more excited.  Upon arrving on summit, we have picnic lunch and relax.
After recharging energy, we will be rewarded by descending and winding its way on narrow road, along cliff mounatin and Chay River to Coc Ly bridge. you will be overwhelmed  by magnificent  and extraordinary nature in
Far North Vietnam. 
Our trip will continue to challenge the last 10 km on scenic route and village life to Bac Ha town. Upon arriving in Hotel, do feast yoursel with cold beer and soft drink for refreshment.

Activity:Transferring and Cycling tours
Accommodation: sao Mai Hotel***
Meals: B/ l/D
Cycling distance: 75 Km

Day 02: Bac Ha – Ta Van Chu  - Sin Chen – Si Ma Cai

After recharging energy from hotel, we will be back on bike to gear up our pedals on rough and narrow road lead to Ban Pho village where we observe the architecture of Hmong House and the daily life in this village.
We continue our
Mountain Bike tours in Far North on concrete road with rough and tough slope of hillside wind its way around the village and valleys. Descending to deep valley in Hoang Thu Pho before ascending to Ta Van Chu village where you will admire plum gardens and pear plantation.  you'll hit a single track trail and dirt road winding through plum gardens and rice fields, and past local homes and inhabitants of the villages. . We gear up to head out along a 12km local trail to quan Than San then turn left on  single track trail  to Nan Sin summit.
Descenting 12 km on single track trail and beaten track to Sin Chen Market and Si Ma Cai township. You'll have a chance to experience the real daily life, picnic lunch in the warm hospitality of your Flower Hmong hosts during this wonderful homestay experience.
 After recharging energy, we hop up our bike to cycle on secondary road  and vilage road lead back to Can Cau and Lung Phinh commune. Upon arriving in Village, take relax and have dinner in local farmstay..

Activities: Cycling and transferring
Accommodations: Lagom Farmstay
Meals: B/L/D
Cycling distance: 81 Km    

Day 03:Lung Phinh – Ban Gia – Ta Cu Ty – Ban Lien – Bac Ha

Today is amazing day with full of highlight and cultural values when we cycle through rice terraces and around  villages to village.  Admire incredible scenic beauty, unspoiled nature and colourful hill tribal villages. 
Our cycling day will start after recharing fully energy for breakfast, setting off on single track trail and and dirt path to cycle rough and tough hill road, passing serries quaint villages and stunning rice terrace to Ta Cu Ty village.
We will actually immerse yourself in fairyland and outstanding landscapes of
Far North Vietnam. We will keep gearing up and challenge 12 km from Tan Xuan to the top of Ban Lien pass. Upon arriving in slope of mountain we, descent to Ban Lien village for picnic lunch.
fter recharging fully energy, we grear up our bikes again to challenge another 10 km of steep pass, winding its way along mountain and tropical forest into pinnacle of mountain.  from the top of mountain, you will rewarded by breathtaking scenery and panoramic sights into dreamlike valley of Nam Khanh. Our last stage of cycling day is long and long descent to dam of hydro power plan and ascent again short distance to undulating road leading to Bac Ha Town again.

Activities:Cycling from village - Hotel
Accommodation: Sao Mai Hotel
Cycling distance: 59 Km

Day 04: Bac Ha – Nam Khanh – Na Det – Trung Do – Lao Cai - sapa

Following breakfast, visit the biggest and colorfull and impressive market of Vietnam mountainous area. After spending 2- hours for market, We gear up our bike  from farm stay to ride on hillside and corn farm to Nam Det village then turn on single track to asphalt road lead to Tan Duong Section.
Have lunch enroute. Following to lunch time. Our shuttle bus takes you through lush scenery and rustic hill tribe villge to Lao Cai city. 
After recharging energy frothe first day warming up cycling tours in North West Vietnam to Sapa Hilltop town. We  gear up our bikes from Lao Cai city to cycle and follow river bank of Red River uptream to Ban Vuoc section.  You will ejoy gentle cycle on tarmac road ans asphalt road to overlook China sights and Vietnamese sightseeing,
Upon arrival of section,  we turn left on secondary road and ascent  for 23 kilometer to  O Quy Ho village.

Activities:Cycling from village - Hotel
Accommodation: Bamboo Hotel/ Clay House Resort
Cycling distance: 59 Km

Day 05: Sapa – Back Road – Tram Ton – Seo My Ty

After having breakfast in hotel, we will start 3 day Sapa mountain bikes tour by transferring transfer uphill to Heavens Gate (Tram Ton Pass), the highest pass of Vietnam. Here is the breathtaking view over the Muong Hoa valley, where you will have opportunity to pass by during the days cycling trip. You will hop on your bike and start descending into the Sapa valley, observing the fantastic scenery of mountains and rice paddy fields along the way. After leaving Sapa town behind for a while, you make a turn and follow a dirt road to the Black Hmong village of Lao Chai.  From Lao Chai the road will take you to a village inhabited by the Giay tribe. You stop in a local house where you will coffee and tea break  and have time to explore the village..
We continue our trip on asphalt road and concrete road lead to Seo My Ty, we will sometimes to cycle on dirt road and broken road, challenge some hilly distance. However, the secenery is fantastic and terrific. We will reach to Seo My Ty at noon. Enjoy picnic lunch and admire crystal water lake.
After recharging fully energy, we kick off our pedals to cycle along the lake lead to campsite for tonight.  Leave your bikes onland, we start jumping in cool water to wash away the tiredness and hardness. You can also join in our kayaking activity on tranquil lake.

Activity: Transferring and cycling tours
Accommodation: Seo My Ty Ecolodge
Cycling distance: 46 Km

Day 06: Seo My Ty – Thanh Phu – Nam Cang

Waken up by the sound of nature, we warmly greet new day by sipping hot coffee and ginger tea with honey, immersing yourself in the dawn is shining behind slope mountains, through the clouds, reflecting the peaceful on lake surface that create a very vivid picture.
Following to breakfast, we gear up our bike to challenge second day Sapa cycle on back road and single track trail lead back to Ta Van village. Upon on arriving on village, we keep riding on concrete road lead to suspension bridge, challenge steep pass lead to main road for over 1 km. we cycle on main road lead to Thanh Phu section where we turn into village lead to Lech village of the Red Dao minority, observing the magnificent valley view on the way. Have lunch in local family.
Here you will leave your bikes and take a short walk on dirt road to visit a traditional Red Dao family, where you experience the culture of the minority villagers who are living the same life as their Ancestors hundreds of years ago. Back at the parking place, you will take a further ride to the new Lech village, where you will take a longer break to learn how the women embroidery, combine with tourism. the last stage of cycling today is decending ride to  Nam Cang  village where eco home stay and dinner are available for us tonight.

Activity: Cycling from village - Village
Accommodation: Nam cang Ecolodge
Cycling distance: 46 Km

Day 07: Sin Chai – Suoi Thau – Gia Phu  - Hanoi

Wake up early in the morning to participate with local ctivities or just walk around the village to enjoy pristine nature and peaceful villages. Have breakfast with traditional pancake and banana cake, try herbal tea with the Host . we start our last day Sapa cycling from homestay, passing  villages and villages, rice terrace, streams and  buffalo road lead to  Nam Cang, Nam Sai, Suoi Thau , have lunch in Suoi Thau .
We continue to ride on undulating route and steep pass at the end of distance to Xuan Giao Section. You will be fascinated by extraordinary scenery, sublime limestone mountain and  peaceful hill tribe villages. Upon arriving of finish line, loading up our bikes, we do transfer 4 hours back to Hanoi via new highway. Our service will end right after arriving in your hotel. Thanks for your joining bicycle ours in Sapa with us.

Activities: Cycling 
Accommodation: The Light Hotel
Cycling distance: 55 Km

Day 08 : Hanoi –  Hoa Binh - Lac Village  

After recharging energy from hotel, we  the hustling and bustling city behind, our suppoted vehicle take us  in southwest of Hanoi to Luong Son. The gateway to the outstsanding mountainous area of northern Vietnam, upon arrival Luong son, we start Northern Vietnam bicycle tours riding through on undulating tarmac road with stunning view of mountain, valleys, sugarcane farms and rice paddies. We would have a stop enroute for refresment, and lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, we take short transfer to bottomhill of Thung Khe pass, restarting to ride 34km  along the bank of Da River, you enjoy spectacular scenery dotted with Muong and Thai people villages under shaded trees, you are very impressive with  little school boys and girls or buffalor, cowboy say Hello with you on the way back to their home. We take shortbreak for Kodak momment or refreshment before descent to Mai Chau village. Arriving Mai Chau at late afternoon, we cycle to Mai Chau valley for over night. Taking shower, having dinner with traditional Thai food and enjoy Thai dance music performance. 
Activity: Transferring and Cycling
Accommodations: Homestay , Hotel, Ecolodge or Bungalow
Meals: L/D
Total Cycling Distance: 75 Km

Day 09: Mai Chau – Buoc

Waking up you early in the morning by birds and chicken sounding, you will be arranged by Thai traditional cake for breakfast with hot coffee and tea. After hearty breakfast, we cycle through different villages on a mix of good single track paths  link from villages to anothers, the view are stunning as the ride passes and cross lush rice paddies./ Unique to this area are fan palms, grown specifically to use for roofing. We pass hot springs, cycle cross suspension bridges and follow the contours around beautiful terraced rice fields. We stop for lunch en route in local family. After lunch, we cycle back road, single tracks, buffalo trails through rice terraced fields   and bamboo forest and Bamboo chopstick production workshop and cycle back road to Mai Chau town. Upon arriving. Relax by your self. Have dinner and stayover night in Hotel / Eco homestay..
Activities: Cycling and Visiting
Accommodation: Mai Chau Ecolodge***
Cycling distance: 56 Km

Day 10:  Mai Chau  cycle to the gem of Pu Luong

We continue our Mai Chau – Pu Luong Bicycle tours in Northern Vietnam cycling trip in outstanding natural beauty of Mai Chau Valley  dotted with Thai and Muong  villages between rice terraces paddies. We start early to cycling  from Homestay on the mix single track paths links one village to another, you may observe how peaceful villages are in the morning! And How they living here for hundred years? You can find out your answer while we ride further in center of Villages, meet and talk with some local people on the way. 
Our trip continue on scenic route with breathtakings scenery and sights, stop on the way to observe how they make chopstick from bamboo. We hold on ascenting through Pu Luong Nature Reserve to admire breathtaking scenery, outcrops limestone mountains and Pu Luong  panoramic beauty. We stop for picnic lunch on summit. After recharging energy, we continue cycling and descenting to Don village for checking. Dinner and stay overnight in  Don Village.

Activities: Cycling and Visiting
Accommodation: Pu Luong Jungle Lodge
Cycling distance: 70 Km

Day 11: Pu luong – Tam Coc

After breakfast with the Host, Say good bye them, we start early Pu Luong – Tam Coc Bike tour from Resort setting off our way to Pho Doan, the township of Pu Luong Narture Reserver, if lucky, we can visit and take photo  at colourful tribal market before crossing the bridge , we ride on buffer zones of Nature Reserver  through sugarcane fields, corn farm dotted with Thai and Muong Tribes villages led to Cam Luong, we are rewarded by spectacular scenery, meeting friendly local  villagers. We reach to Ho Chi Minh Trail at noon. Lunchmeal at local restaurant  in Kim Tan town, After lunch, we get back on bike to cycle through lush forest and stunning rice fields Pho Ngoc. The view are stunning as the rider passes  through villages and across rice paddies, sugercane and cassava farmsThe day’s cycling continues onto Dong Giao – pineapple plantation where you can enjoy fresh pineapple from local farmers selling on sideroad. We ride out of plantation to Tam Diep Township, transfer to Tam Coc
Activities: Cycling and Visiting
Accommodation: Tam Coc  La Montagne Resort
Cycling distance: 70 Km

Day 12: Tam Coc – Tranh An – Bai Dinh – Tam Coc

Today is another amazing day in our exploration of Northern Vietnam bicycle tours, spending full day to cycle and experience the tranquil beauty and breathtaking scenery of Trang An and Tam Coc rice fields. We embark on bikes from hotel, cycle on back road  to Tam Coc from where we take two hours boat trip for exploring three grotto the first, the second and the third grotto links together with breaktaking scenery in open air. Then we ride through breaktaking natural beauty of Trang AN, Bai Dinh Temple, Kenh Ga Floating Villages. Having lunch in local restaurant in Kenh Ga.. After recharging energy, we cycle on village road and concrete path through rice paddy fieldsback to Tam Coc.
Activitiy: Cycling and Transferring
Accommodation: La Montagne Resort
Meals: B/L/
Total Cycling  distance: 75 Km

Day 13: Tam Coc – Ha Long bay. 

Having breakfast in hotel,  we commence to Halong Bay. enjoy three and half hours on bus to experience stunning scenery of the Red river delta. Stop on the way for refreshment. Our journey continue to Halong Bay. upon arrival, we do check in on boat and explore nearly two thousand different islands on bay. you also have a chance to visit incredible cave to learn about the history of tectonic age, the process of earth formation.. have lunch and dinner on  cruise
Activitiy: Transferring from Hotel -  Ha long Bay
Accommodation:  on Night Cruise
Meals: B/L/D

Total transferring distance: 180 Km

Day 14: Halong Bay – Hanoi – Departure. 

Get up early to enjoy outstanding scenery and pristine nature, join in morning Thai Chi on sundesk for 30 minutes. Have hearty  breakfast on boat , we commence visiting mazing Cave for 45 minutes. Enjoy legendary world with full of stalagmite and stalagtide inside. You are also impressive on story related on each image. After exploring cave, we come back to boat for check out and clear the bill whilst our boat set the way come back to port. Our diver will meet you again and pick you up to Hanoi. Stop on the way for refreshment . arriving in Noi Bai International Airport to catch your flight onward. Our service is finished. Thank for your joining a life time holiday with us.
Visiting grottoes
Taking Transfer Airport at 16h:00 ( 4pm) to catch international Flights)

Note: Hotels  are subject to change due to availability. In that case we will choose equivalent  hotels
Meals: if you have any specific food requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, food allergies) please inform us in advance so that we can provide notice to our restaurant, tour guide, our partners so that they can server you better. If you are a food lover, Snail Adventure tours can be your culinary guide and provide you opportunity to savor tempting local food and world famous – dishes

Tour included in:

English speaking cycling guide ( other languages upon requests)
Accommodations are based on double/ twin occupancy
Meals details in itineraries ( 13 breakfast, 14 Lunches, 14 dinners)
A/C transfer/ and transportation
Van or bus supported during the cycling times.
Truck supported for the group size from 6 and above.
Trek mountain bikes – 4300  with disc brake and  helmets
Sightseeing excursions as outlined itineraries
Boat Trip in Tam Coc or Trang An 
Night Cruise on Halong Bay
Bike tour pump, bike tools, spares tubes, spare bikes
First aid kit
Cold water box, small fresh towel.
Mineral water for drinking
Fruit and snack for cycling days

Tour excluded in:

International airfare
Travel insurance
Items of personal nature
Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in meals
Mineral water beyond that supplied
Optional excursions
Additional transport required due to any emergency situation
Personal expenses such as telephone, laundry bills.
Visa fee
Departure  tax
Tip for team and guide

Creating Unique Touring Experiences:

All the touring itineraries on this website have been carefully crafted by our in-country management teams and represent a series of experiences we can certainly recommend. However, we understand that every travel experience should be as unique and individual as each traveler. Our consultants are waiting to hear from you so that we can tailor or custom design a Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar tour to your individual specifications.


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